Vets’ Advice On The Best Dog Food For Tear Stains In 2022 (Reviews & Picks)

Tear stains on your dog’s beautiful face are a particularly unappealing flaw. The moment you believe you have them beat, they return in a few hours to bother you once again and are once again in your dog’s eyes. Urgh.
Dog owners commonly ask for suggestions on how to deal with the annoying issue of tear stains. You’ll surely find a plethora of different products and suggestions on how to get rid of those stains if you search for solutions online. There isn’t, however, a universal fix for anything.

Breeds That Are More Prone To Tear Stains

Although they are not necessarily more frequent, tear stains are more noticeable on dogs with white or light fur than on dogs with dark fur.
Due to inheritance and genetics, some breeds are more susceptible to eye conditions. The most frequently affected canines are those that are smaller and have longer hair coats. The Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Bichon Frise, Maltese, and Toy Poodle are some of the little dog breeds that are most frequently impacted by tear stains.
In addition, brachycephalic dogs, such as Pugs, Boxers, and Bulldogs, have flat faces and short muzzles. The eyes of brachycephalic dogs may protrude and their eyelids may not completely close, leaving them vulnerable to irritants, dryness, and injury.

Similarly, imperforate puncta, a disease in which the holes surrounding the eyes that drain tears do not develop properly, causes tears to gather and produce stains, is more genetically prone to occur in Poodles and Cocker Spaniels among other breeds.

Can Dog Food Stain Your Tears?

Although your dog won’t get hurt by tear stains, these unsightly lines frequently signify deeper issues.
If you’ve tried everything to remove the tear stains off your dog but they keep coming back, their diet may be to blame.
Did you know that food additives and preservatives cause an accumulation of chemical waste in the eyes of dogs, causing excessive tearing and tear stains?
Yep! The potential causes of these tear stains include chemicals and allergens in your dog’s diet. This is just one of many dietary and underlying health factors that contribute to the development of these ugly marks.

Top 5 Dog Foods to Prevent Tear Stains

In the search for dog food that will benefit their dogs, we’ve observed many owners switching between different brands. The best dog food for tear stains, in our opinion, will only have natural ingredients devoid of fillers and artificial preservatives.

The best overall dog food is FirstMate Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Dry

Since there are no artificial preservatives in this premium composition, it is easy to digest. It is prepared with just natural components.
The only protein is chicken meal, which is easy for his digestive system to absorb. Since chicken meal is the first ingredient, it gives your dog high-quality meat protein and has a 25% protein content.
Instead of using grains, potatoes serve as the main source of carbohydrates and energy in this diet.

The list includes berries like blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries that provide a range of vitamins and minerals for a generally healthy oxidative condition. The finest dog food for dogs with tear stains also includes vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure that he gets everything he needs from the kibble.
Thanks to its high-quality ingredients and straightforward, easily digestible composition, this kibble is by far the finest on the list. The only drawback to this kibble is that it costs more because it uses a premium formula. This is a great alternative for minimizing tear stains, though, if you can slightly stretch your financial limits.
This formula now has a “Small Bites” option if your toy dog has a small mouth.

Best Value Wellness Complete Health Adult Dry Dog Food

The finest dog food for tears stains you can buy is this one, and it also comes in a big bag. This not only makes it a great value for the money, but it also ensures that there will be plenty left over if you have multiple tear stain victims.
Whitefish is the initial component and fish meal is added shortly after. Fish is the only source of protein. Omega fatty acids are abundant in it, which is fantastic for the health of his skin and coat. The majority of dogs also adore it because it has a terrific fishy flavor.

This choice emphasizes whole health, which is good for his general wellbeing as opposed to only his tear staining. Because it contains mild grains like barley and oatmeal, his stomach won’t have to work hard to digest it.
The fact that this kibble isn’t marketed as a tear stain-removing kibble is the only reason it didn’t land at number one. But it checks off every requirement, and customers claim that it has lessened the tear stains on their puppy. Therefore, this is a tried-and-true choice.

Annamet Grain-Free Aqualuk Dry Dog Food – Ideal for Puppies

Our preferred option for pups is this one since it has a lot of components that meet their developing demands for docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA). Ingredients like salmon meal and herring meal are rich in the crucial lipids required for his period of development and mimic the nutrients in breast milk.
This choice is appropriate for all phases of life, therefore it is not just for pups. This is a high-end product with only natural and excellent ingredients.
Because fish is the only protein source, it is simple to digest. Additionally, it lists a probiotic dried fermentation component that will support good gut flora and aid in digestion.
This is an additional grain-free option that meets his energy requirements by consuming prebiotic fibers from peas, potatoes, and chickpeas.
The fact that this product is expensive and not suitable for all budgets is the only criticism that can be leveled at it. However, it is praised and advertised as a treatment that effectively removes tear stains. Additionally, it contains the most fat (16%) of any food, which is fantastic for growing puppies but not so great for overweight dogs.

The Sensitive Tear Stain Plus Dry Dog Food by Forza10 Nutraceutic

Years of scientific investigation by veterinarians led to the creation of this product, which is intended to remove tear stains. It is highly recommended and the company claims that great results may often be seen in as little as two weeks.
With 30% protein, it also has the joint-highest protein content. This makes it a great choice for dogs with high energy needs who also need to maintain their muscles.

The first ingredient is anchovy meal, followed by pork meal, salmon and fish protein that has been hydrolyzed. The digestive tract responds better to hydrolyzed protein. Allergens that cause allergies are eliminated, leaving only the protein and amino acids.
The list of vitamin and mineral supplements makes sure your dog receives all the immune-supporting nutrients it needs. For an added boost, it also includes a list of exotic fruits including pomegranate, papaya, and melon.
This product’s lack of probiotic components makes it less appealing for people who experience tear stains as a result of digestive issues. This is the reason this item didn’t place higher on our list of top picks.

Natural Harmony Grain-Free Dry Dog Food from L.I.D

This formula has a minimal number of ingredients, making it a kibble that is simple to digest and designed with weaker digestive systems in mind. It is a clean formula because venison is the only protein source. Additionally, it makes this a great option for dogs with allergies to regularly used chicken or fish ingredients.
Omega fatty acids are provided by canola oil, flaxseed oil, and salmon oil for the health of his skin and coat. Additionally, a list of vitamins and minerals is provided to keep him healthy and able to fight off illness.
The least amount of calories and fat are in this dish. In other words, if your dog is overweight and needs to manage his size, this is the better choice for him.
Unfortunately, the first ingredient is not meat, which is not the best choice for the nutritional requirements of many dogs. However, some canines thrive on a diet low in protein, making it the best choice for these canines who also have tear stains.


Overall, it’s crucial to identify the underlying reason for your dog’s tear staining, which can only be done by a veterinarian. But some dogs will always have tear stains, no matter what you do to help him. And this is where high-quality nutrition comes into play because it can considerably lower it.
We hope that by making the tear staining world more understandable, you and your dog have discovered a product from our list that works for both of you. The FirstMate Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is our top choice overall. The Wellness Complete Health Adult Dry Dog Food is the product that offers the best value for the money.
You can be certain that by selecting one of our top options for minimizing tear staining, it will not only lessen the unattractive stains but also benefit his general health. You will be on the right track if you use the in-depth reviews to decide which is ideal for your dog.

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