Top 6 Nutritious Newfoundland Dog Food

Keeping Newfoundlands nourished is a major commitment because they often enjoy eating as much as they do swimming. Finding meals with high-quality components, lots of protein, and vitamins from whole food sources is the secret to healthy nutrition. It can be difficult to decide which foods would be ideal for your Newfoundland because there are so many products available that match these guidelines.
Given how crucial it is to feed your dog properly, we tested the top products available and selected a select group of them that we believe would enable your Newfoundland to flourish over time. They are all nutritionally full and each one has a function that will help your dog in some way. The top dog foods for Newfoundlands are listed below.

The Top 6 Dog Foods for Newfies

1. Best overall: The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Pet Food Subscription

The Farmer’s Dog, a nutritious diet cooked fresh and delivered to your door, is the best overall dog food for Newfoundlands. The Farmer’s Dog offers personalized dog meal plans based on your dog’s specific requirements, which were developed by veterinarians. They show up at your house prepared to provide your dog all the vitamins and minerals they require. It is obviously more expensive than pet shop brands because it is freshly produced with such high-quality, nourishing ingredients. Additionally, you must acquire it online because retailers do not currently carry it.

2. Mild Giants Dog Nutrition Dog Food, Dry: Best Value

The fact that Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition is manufactured with non-GMO ingredients and is designed particularly to assist large breed dogs makes it the best dog food for Newfoundlands you can buy. Real chicken, brown rice, barley, and a variety of vegetables, including spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and peas, are all included in this dish. For giant dogs like the Newfoundland, Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition also incorporates New Zealand green mussels to effectively support joint growth and reduce inflammation.
Omega fatty acids from the included fish meal are crucial for healthy brain development and clear vision. All dog breeds of any age can find nutritional satisfaction in this diet. Because the kibble bits are small and simple to chew, it’s a great option for pups still developing their teeth and older dogs with dental issues. The fact that “natural flavors” are listed in the ingredients list with no indication of what they truly are is a drawback.

3. Diamond Naturals Premium Formulas for Large Breeds

No other dog food compares to Diamond Natural when it comes to large dog breeds. For additional proteins, you can find chicken from reputable sources in Newfoundland. Superfoods like kale and blueberries in the mixture provide antioxidants for improved immunity. Prebiotics from the dried chicory roots in the mixture help maintain a healthy digestive system.

The vitamins from organic vegetables promote dental health and vision. Additionally, quinoa and chia seeds add fibre. While glucosamine supports cartilage and joints. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are also present in the mixture for healthier skin and glossier coats. You now possess a contented fluff ball that also looks fashionable and is good for you. Our top recommendation for dog foods for Newfoundlands is this one, not to mention the fact that the majority of Newfie parents indicate that their dogs enjoy the taste.

4. Large Breed Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food with Chicken

One may assume that Eukanuba Adult dry dog food is intended for Newfoundlands just by looking at it. As you can see, taurine is a component of most dog meals. However, Newfies are predisposed to heart problems and have poor taurine metabolism. Furthermore, Eukanuba makes a point of eliminating it from their dog food.
No dog food should cause your dog to grow too quickly because doing so can lead to musculoskeletal problems in your pet as an adult. And most Newfoundland puppies appear to have a favorable opinion of Eukanuba in this regard.
Additionally, the 3D DentaDefense aids in tartar reduction. Vitamin E and DHA both improve mental acuity. Additionally, the combination of prebiotics and fiber promotes a healthy digestive tract.

5. Best for Puppies Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Dog Food

Since Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is specifically designed for pups, it has a little bit more protein and fat than diets intended for adults and all life stages. Deboned chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, peas, and a range of other fruits and vegetables that promote healthy muscle building and a robust immune system are used to make it. It includes LifeSource Bits, a combination of nutrients rich in antioxidants created to keep your puppy healthy while they explore their surroundings.

Additionally, this diet contains calcium phosphate for healthy bones and both DHA and ARA to support normal vision. Wheat, soy, maize, and artificial additives are not present in this food. To enable healthy chewing and digestion, the kibble particles are smaller and softer than those for adults. The only issue is that this formula frequently causes gas in pups.

6. Merrick Dry Dog Food without Grain

Due to its smoky, meaty flavor, most dogs find it impossible to resist this food. Despite being devoid of grains, Merrick Dry Dog Food is rich in protein and beneficial carbs. Your large dog will get all the protein they require as they mature into and through maturity from deboned beef, lamb, and salmon. Blueberries, peas, and sweet potatoes provide the nutrients and energy required for good health. Fish oil, which offers a healthy amount of omega fatty acids necessary for a healthy coat, is also included.
Due to the absence of gluten in this composition, dogs with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome can easily digest it. Natural tocopherols, never artificial additives, are used to preserve Merrick Dry Dog Food, which is produced in the United States. It does not, however, offer the same focused nutrition as a large breed meal because it is designed for all dog breeds.

FAQs about the best dog foods for Newfoundlands

The food requirements of their new family member often confound new pet parents. But it’s not complicated science. Additionally, the more you consider it, the simpler it will be for you.

How frequently should Newfoundlands be fed?

Only 4 to 5 cups of dog food, divided between two meals, should be consumed daily by your Newfoundland.
It’s a common misunderstanding that Newfies require at least 10 cups of dry dog food each day. The opposite couldn’t be more true. You do need to give your Newfoundland extra nourishment. A high-quality diet, however, can address that.
Overeating results in bloating or an excessive amount of weight gain. Being overweight is never good for Newfs because they experience joint problems.

What else can I feed my Newfoundland except dog food?

Because Newfoundlands require high-quality protein for flexible joints and sturdy bones, human-grade meat is appropriate for them. You can give your Newfs raw fish, fruits, and vegetables to eat. However, you must take special care to ensure that nothing you give your dog has any toxins or poisons.
Additionally, make sure that none of the vegetables or fruits are harmful for your Newfie before you try to give them. Your pets may become carriers of the salmonellosis bacterium if they consume raw chicken. Therefore, be careful while choosing the ingredients for your pet’s daily meals or snacks.

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