The Top 5 German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Foods For 2022

The German Shorthaired Pointer, also known as the “jack of all trades,” has a distinctive appearance that is difficult to ignore. These dogs first appeared in the 1800s when breeders made the decision to produce a hunting and family dog. The outcome was the German Shorthaired Pointer, or GSP, who caught and returned his prey using instinct rather than training.
Pointers have evolved into amiable family dogs in addition to being widely used as hunting dogs. Most Pointers are just as content to play fetch all day as they are to walk in the woods. Many Pointers are gentle with kids and don’t react badly to a young child’s or toddler’s erratic conduct. A Pointer may even take on the role of a protector with proper bonding.
Pointers have a high level of energy regardless of the activity, thus they will need enough food to get through the day. The finest dog food for German Shorthaired Pointers might be difficult to choose as an owner because you want a blend that has the proper nutrients for your dog.

5 Essential German Shorthaired Pointer Dietary Requirements

The stomachs of GSPs aren’t the strongest when compared to those of several other breeds. You should record any negative reactions your dog has to foods since they can be sensitive to certain substances. The most typical allergies include dairy, wheat, and meat. Regardless of any food allergies or sensitivities your Pointer may have, you still need to make sure they get enough of these essential nutrients:

Suitable Fats

Make sure your GSP gets enough fat in his food if you want him to have the stamina to go on a full-day hunting trip. You shouldn’t exclude this crucial component because your dog will obtain twice as much energy from fat as he will from protein or carbohydrates.

In addition to giving your dog energy, lipids can also assist in cell growth, the production of particular hormones, and the absorption of key vitamins. Fish or chicken-based recipes may include more of the beneficial fats that your GSP needs. It’s a good sign that a meal is high in healthy fats when you encounter terminology like “omega-3 fatty acids.”


Another essential that you shouldn’t stint on is protein, particularly if your German Shorthaired Pointer is still growing. Protein is essential for your GSP’s appropriate growth and development since it serves as the “building blocks” for your pup’s cells.
Fortunately, the majority of dry dog food has a ton of protein, especially when meat is the main ingredient. Chicken, cattle, fish, and even novel proteins like buffalo or duck are examples of animal proteins. Always place protein at the very top of your list of ingredients, if not at the very top.


Carbohydrates are another essential nutrient, but not offering as much energy as fats do. It’s important to remember that carbs are a broad group that includes necessary sugars like glucose, which fuels the body’s organs and the brain. Another type of carb, fibers, can support intestinal health.
Your dog needs a decent source of fiber in their diet even more so because GSPs are already predisposed to sensitive stomachs. Look for meals that contain grains or starch if you want to add more carbohydrates. Even while a dish may state that it is “grain-free,” this does not necessarily mean that it contains no carbohydrates. Instead, the company has simply substituted alternative healthy carbohydrates, such peas or legumes, for the grains.


Pointers require the same amount of vitamins as people do. Many vitamins can’t be produced spontaneously, so your dog must consume them in his diet. The good news is that most recipes have a balanced amount of vitamins, so unless a physician advises it, you won’t need to give your dog a supplement.
Look for recipes that incorporate items high in vitamin B12, which is essential for the growth of your dog’s brain and neurological system.


Like vitamins, your GSP can’t produce minerals on his own and must get them from his diet. The majority of minerals are crucial for keeping your Pointer’s bones and teeth healthy, particularly when they mature as seniors and grow as pups.
For example, calcium is essential for keeping your Pointer’s healthy bones, and you can often find a lot of it in foods like dairy or some vegetables.

Five other highly regarded dog foods for German shorthair pointers

Each German Shorthaired Pointer has their own preferences and likes, therefore we’ve provided 10 more delectable choices for you below.

Recipe for NomNomNow Chicken Chow

Dry food may be nutritious, but if you want to improve your GSP’s nutrition even further, you should think about using a super-premium product like the NomNomNow Chicken Chow Recipe. You order these meals fresh from the NomNomNow service, unlike a typical bag of dry or wet food.
The Chicken Chow meals in this particular recipe are loaded with real chicken, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, and fish oil. The amount of fish oil in this recipe might not be a terrible idea if your GSP’s diet is deficient in vital fats.

Another benefit is that there is a lot of moisture present, so you don’t have to worry as much about your GSP consuming enough water.

Recipe for Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dry Dog without Grains

Why Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Recipe is so well-liked is easy to understand, and your Pointer will probably agree. The dish uses unusual proteins like buffalo and bison to circumvent more typical allergies.
Although it contains a lot of sweet potatoes and peas, this dog food is grain-free, so it should be suitable for GSPs who are sensitive to or allergic to grains. Additionally, it contains vital minerals and amino acids that your dog might not otherwise obtain from their diet.

Formula for Blue Buffalo Life Protection

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is one of our favorites because it offers a lot of value even if you’re looking for the best dry food for your dog. Real, deboned chicken is the first component in this dish, which can give your Pointer the protein and good fats he needs to keep healthy.
Glucosamine and chondroitin, two nutrients can can help your GSP’s skin and coat, are also abundant in this composition. A combination of seven ingredients in the recipe that are high in antioxidants should also give a lot of nutritious value without detracting from the taste.

MaxMeat Air-Dried Beef Grain-Free Dog Food by Only Natural Pet

Do you notice that your German Shorthaired Pointer avoids most dry food? If so, Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Air-Dried Beef Grain-Free Dog Food might be his preference. This air-dried meal, which resembles beef jerky in texture, delivers your dog all the nutrition he requires without sacrificing any flavor.
The little beef chunks are minimal in carbs while still being rich in vitamins and minerals. Even with fewer amounts, the healthy balance ought to be able to keep your GSP stable (or by mixing this food into regular dry food).

Puppy Food for Total Health and Wellness

The Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food indicates that the diet you feed a GSP puppy is different from the food you’d want to feed an adult dog. Your dog should have no issue wrapping his teeth around each piece of kibble with smaller chews.

This recipe includes deboned chicken, salmon, oats, taurine for a healthier heart, and flaxseed for a better coat. Remember that you should only provide this to your GSP during his first year of life. After that, you should substitute a recipe designed specifically for adult dogs.


As you can see, buying food requires a little more thought than simply choosing the first bag of dog food you see. You’ll need to consider the ingredients, nutritional content, and even breed type in addition to choosing food appropriate for the animal’s life cycle.
It’s important to think about typical health problems in German Shorthaired Pointers and how you may use your pup’s diet to avert issues in the future.
Fortunately, you can always check out one of the top-rated suggestions above if you’re stumped when it comes to buying and don’t know where to start.

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