The Best From 7 British Shorthair Breeders For You

The British Shorthair cat is the best option if you’ve always wanted a cat that looks like a teddy bear. These cats are strong, fluffy, and tough. Some associations allow British Longhairs for individuals who prefer something a little plusher than the British Shorthair. They have a medium-length coat on.
Although British Shorthairs come in a variety of hues, British blue is the most distinctive. They frequently don’t reach their full size until they are 3 to 5 years old because they are a slow-maturing breed.
Brits are loving cats who frequently cling to their favorite individuals. British Shorthairs enjoy being carried, but keep in mind that their huge frames require strong support.
Check out the following 7 British Shorthair breeders for lovely, healthy Brits.

Sale of British Shorthair Kittens

You can start the process of getting this gorgeous cat by choosing one of our recommended British Shorthair breeders. We made the decision to only identify reliable British Shorthair cat breeders who could provide you with quality!
Given the prevalence of internet frauds, it is usually advisable to do additional research before purchasing a cat from an unethical website.
We guarantee that the kitten you receive will be in excellent health, have a wonderful temperament, and have received plenty of socialization.

First, the Noble Brits Cattery in California

A respectable breeder from Modesto, California, Noble Brits Cattery takes pride in producing British Shorthair cats with Classic Tabby markings and green eyes.
The cats have been acquired from reputable breeders abroad, so there is no question that they are champion genetics with top-notch color, temperament, and fur.

This breeder is listed as a purebred British Shorthair Cattery by the TICA (The International Cat Association). Their main goal is to breed these gorgeous cats to the best possible standards.
Professional veterinarians periodically inspect the cats and kittens, who are always in excellent physical and mental condition. Both the kittens and the breeding cats tested for FeLV and FIV were negative.

2. The Connecticut cattery Plaid Plus

British Shorthairs that excel in health, appearance, and temperament have been bred for 15 years by the Plaid Plus Cattery in Brookfield, Connecticut.
The breeder is a certified veterinarian who gives their kitties excellent care. The cats are lavished with love and care from the very beginning, and it should be noted that they are never crated. Top show cats in the TICA, all of their cats are descended from Breed Winner, Regional National, Grand Champion, and Supreme Grand Champion lines.

This breeder’s selection of British Shorthairs comes in a variety of colors, including the traditional tabby, blue, chocolate, lilac, bicolor, tricolor, silver, black, and spotted. You can see that there are many different hues, so choosing one will definitely be difficult. You will receive a kitten with a documented assurance of physical and genetic health as well as a veterinary health certificate with negative results for FeLV and FIV.
Although Plaid Plus Cattery is able and happy to ship kittens to their new homes, they prefer that the owners pick up their new feline companions in person. They also have show British Shorthair cats and can give you one if you’re interested in having one. Additionally, with permission, you can buy a superior cat for breeding.

3. California’s Minuet Kittens Cattery

The TICA-registered Minuet Kittens Cattery has been producing miniature Minuets from British Shorthairs and Munchkins.
It all began well when the breeder acquired a superior purebred British Shorthair Sire from Germany since he had blue eyes. Additionally, he has dominant blue eyes, which guarantees that 50% of his progeny will have stunning blue eyes.
Their mature breeding cats are all in great physical and genetic condition. This breeder concentrates on creating affectionate, small, healthy kittens with doll-like faces and a strong desire to play.
You can’t go wrong by getting in touch with this breeder because they can provide you a stunning cat that is ready to join your family.

4. Texas’s British Glory Cattery

Houston, Texas is home to the tiny cattery British Glory Cattery. This breeder specializes in producing purebred British Longhair and Shorthair with blue or green eyes and silver or golden coloring.
They invest a great deal of love and care into this enormous interest. They have cats with ancestry from the top European Champion bloodlines because they are a TICA-registered cattery. As much love and care like they can give, cats and kittens are treated as members of their family.
They are making every effort to place their kittens with the most responsible and devoted members of the family and new homes. It is clear that kittens are nurtured in a relaxed and friendly setting since they are treated like their own children.

This breeder became a national pioneer in breeding stunning chinchillas in 2018 when they got the first male breeder of the Golden Chinchilla hue.
You can find that fluffy animal at British Glory Cattery, which will make your life funnier and happier and maybe end up becoming one of your greatest friends.

5. The California cattery Sasszkats

On our list of British Shorthair breeders, Sasszkats is ranked fifth. Northern California is where this cattery is situated. In order to give you a loving British Shorthair cat, the sincere and compassionate breeder works hard to care for and show attention to their animals.
This breeder’s favorite cat variety is the British Shorthair, and they have a home in Chico, California. a tiny, in-home cattery that takes pride in breeding the British Shorthair breed’s silver gene variant.

6. Levada Land, California

Breeder Levada Land has been breeding Scottish Fold and British Shorthair since she relocated from Northville to Folsom. The cattery has TICA and CFA registrations.
Breeding British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats with exceptional temperaments and health is their primary objective. Cats are raised in a loving, caring environment as members of their family. Kittens and cats are accustomed to everything in the home.

Levada Land has registered kittens and cats with TICA and CFA, and every one of them complies with the breed standard for this cat species. They import the majority of their cats from well-known European Champion lines. This breeder is intriguing because they have a unique color of British Shorthair cat called a Gold Chinchilla (Black Golden Shaded BSH).

7. The cattery BuffBarbies

Last but not least on our list of British Shorthair breeders is Sunny, California’s BuffBarbies Cattery. In 2016, this TICA and WCF breeder discovered British Shorthair and fell in love.
In a house that is more than 4000 square feet, the aim is to breed British Shorthair kittens. There is most likely a unique one made especially for you, and that one will have already enjoyed the height of luxury.
The kittens at BuffBarbies are fed premium raw blends and freeze-dried raw diets that contain 80% raw meat bones and 10% canned food like Ziwipeak, 10% Primal, Stella, and Chewy, and 10% raw meat bones and proteins from Darwin and Souly Raw.
You won’t regret owning a BuffBarbies cat, so be sure to get in touch with the breeder.

In conclusion

British Shorthair cats will melt your heart since they are like little teddy bears. You should get in touch with one of the British Shorthair breeders we recommended if you are considering getting one for yourself.
There is no doubt that one of those kittens will become your lifelong feline companion because we made sure to give you the information you required for your necessary purchase.
If you decide to adopt a cat, give it the attention it needs and don’t be embarrassed to show it how much you care. When you own a cat, you need to consider frequent vet visits, grooming, cleaning, and exercise.

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