Selecting A Reputable Breeder: 5 Scottish Fold Breeders

Modern news! As they prepare to welcome one Scottish Fold kitten into their hopefully forever home, prospective cat owners are hunting for Scottish Fold breeders.
I think we can all agree that the Scottish Fold ears give them their distinctive owl-like appearance. The fact that they are an endearing and charming breed of cat is unaffected by this. Natural genetic mutation is the cause of their unusual folded ears, yet despite the word “mutation,” their ears operate just like those of any other cat.
Let me tell you, the Scottish Fold breed is the pinnacle of loyalty, wit, and curiosity when it comes to temperament. Many of the Scottish Folds will follow the family members wherever they go, but most will appreciate being held.
If you decide to adopt a Scottish Fold cat, keep in mind that their tails should be handled gently because they are known to be stiff and can hurt if not handled properly.

Sale of Scottish Fold Kittens

You should conduct your research before buying a kitten. Why does that matter? It implies that you have to do your research and select the best Scottish Fold cattery you can.
All cats are logical candidates for various illnesses and health issues, but if you get a cat from a reputable breeder, you won’t have to worry about it. Keep in mind that ethical Scottish Fold breeders won’t breed double fold genes because they can harm the cat as it ages.
The health and temperament of their kittens come first for the ethical, respectable, and registered Scottish Fold breeders listed below.

Virginia’s Cheshire Manor Cattery

The first breeder on our list of Scottish Fold breeders is Cheshire Manor Cattery in Manassas, Virginia. Cheshire Manor Cattery is a TICA breeder who signed the TICA code of ethics, which means they abide by their rules while also working to improve their cats and have their own distinctive bloodlines.
A tiny family cattery that only raises stunning silver and gold Scottish Fold indoors without cages. The kittens at Cheshire Manor Cattery are lovingly cared for from day one and are in fact healthy, affectionate, and gorgeous animals.

We can infer that the kittens are extremely highly socialized because they are never imprisoned, live and sleep with them, and are treated as members of the family.
You can find Scottish Fold Shorthair, Scottish Straight Shorthair, and Scottish Straight Highland kittens with golden, silver, and color-pointer hair at Chesire Manor Cattery.

South Carolina’s Wunderfolds

Wunderfolds, a cattery in Fort Mill, South Carolina, should be your first pick if you’re looking for a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, photogenic kitten. This breeder strives to create kittens with character and excellence.
The Scottish Fold cat’s health and well-being come first, and on their website, the criteria are amply demonstrated by the flawless quality of their kittens.
They choose their breeding cats carefully, ensuring that they come from beautiful, winning lines as a TICA and CFA licensed cattery. To be well-socialized and litter-trained, cats are raised in homes where they can receive a lot of love and attention.

Before leaving Wunderfolds for their new forever homes, every kitten is immunized, dewormed, microchipped, spayed or entered, and given a health checkup. Kittens can be adopted when they are 12 to 14 weeks old.
Wunderfolds recently started competing in shows, and their Scottish Fold Longhair took second place as the best kitten globally. You should get in touch with this breeder if you’re prepared to welcome a new family member who will look fantastic and be in remarkable shape and health.

California’s Cyrious Cats, third

We discovered Cyrious cats, our third Scottish Fold breeder, in Santa Cruz, California. They began breeding as a family hobby, but it quickly developed into a prosperous breeding enterprise.
The breeder’s primary goal is to create healthy kittens with distinctive Scottish Fold personalities and appearances. A cattery that is proud to be TICA and CFA registered breeds cats in a responsible and ethical manner so that people can have the ideal family pets.
They breed only healthy, disease-free cats that have undergone DNA testing. Being certified by Cat Kingpin makes them even more proud.
If you have any questions, get in touch with the breeder because they are aware of how difficult it can be to pick the best kitten for you.

Virginia’s Scottish Fold

A small, family-run cattery in Virginia called Scottish Fold Breeder treats its cats and kittens as members of the family. They began their breeding program in March 2022, and by the end of the year they had won both the TICA Outstanding Cattery Award and the CFA Cattery of Excellence Award.

They traveled to Europe to choose the breeding cats from grand champion bloodlines, paying close attention to their personalities, after thoroughly studying the breed, obtaining the data, and analysing it. They brought them home after making a decision and conducting the necessary medical examinations.
Breeding clever, sociable, and healthy Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight feline pals who will become wonderful new family members is the breeder’s aim.
The cats they are using for breeding right now were imported from reputable and trusted breeders. Before selection, all medical records are reviewed, along with a candidate’s physical and psychological traits. They continue to check the health of their breeding cats in order to create healthy kittens. Their breeding cats are screened for a variety of genetic illnesses.

Washington’s Fluffy Love

Fluffy Love is a TICA-approved cattery that is situated in Spokane. Their stunning Scottish Fold cats are all TICA and WCF registered, and they come from excellent World, International, and European Champions lineages.
Genetic testing for FELV, FIV, and PKD is performed on all cats. The kittens from Fluffy Love are affectionate, intelligent, and healthy. Cats are socialized with dogs, kids, and receive care and attention from the breeder around-the-clock.

The reason their cats are so beautiful is because they are attempting to raise the standard of the breed; having a closed-type cattery aids them in prioritizing the safety of their cats and their young ones.
You can choose from Scottish fold kittens with short or long hair from this breeder. Before going to their new family, kittens will have the required age-appropriate vaccinations, be dewormed, given scratches, and trained to use the litter box. Additionally, you will receive a kitten packet, care guidance papers, a written year health warranty, and lifetime assistance.
Visit their website and get in touch with them to find out whether there will be a litter soon.

Finishing up

Finally, we’ve provided all the details you’ll need to own a Scottish Fold. The top Scottish Fold breeders are all mentioned here, along with important details about them, like contact information. We have concentrated on the breeders who can produce Scottish Fold kittens that are healthy and content and prepared for their new homes.
You may get Scottish Fold kittens here, whether you’re looking for a loving pet or one for a cat show. You and Scottish Fold cats will get along just well since they are sweet, affectionate, and fluffy little cuties who will brighten your days. Make careful to give your kitten the best care and affection you can.

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