Nutrition For Active Dogs: The Best Food For Working Dogs

Working dogs need a healthy diet to provide them the power and endurance to complete their daily activities. But with so many different formulas available, choose the best one can be challenging.
We’ll go through all the components you should look for in working dog food in this post, along with some of the top recipes currently available.

Everything You Need To Know About Working Dog Nutrition

Is a particular diet required for working dogs? In actuality, it depends. The exercise level is one of several variables that affect each dog’s needs. Dogs who engage in prolonged, arduous exercise, such as herding dogs, require a diet that will provide them enough energy to go through the day. The majority of typical dog food formulae won’t work in this situation. Support and therapy dogs, on the other hand, might not require a diet high in calories despite the important work they undertake.
This article will concentrate on dog food formulations with high energy requirements. We all know that giving dogs a lot of protein is beneficial, but feeding them simply meat is insufficient, especially when they are working dogs. To meet the nutritional requirements of a working dog, it’s critical to strike the correct mix of both fats and carbs, which are both vital sources of energy.


Any dog meal must contain a good source of protein. This is crucial for working dogs since it will provide the assistance they need to keep their muscle mass. Ideal placement for meat and organs on the ingredient list is at the very top. A clear ingredient list is always preferable to one that is vague, such as “meat meal.” The former always indicates that the quality of the primary substances has been compromised.
An adult dog’s diet should contain at least 18% protein, according AAFCO recommendations. Search for feed with greater protein percentages, ideally around 25%, as working dogs may require more. However, it is unnecessary to increase by more than 30% because the dog will not benefit from it (1).


Proteins and carbohydrates provide half as many calories as fats. While humans could be tempted to view too much fat as “bad,” in the case of working dogs, a diet high in fat will enable sustained physical activity.
This concept is used by many “active dog” formulae, so don’t be shocked if they include 20% or more fat. This can be quite advantageous for dogs who are really active.


If you’re even remotely interested in fitness, you’ve definitely heard of the concept of “carb loading,” which is said to aid athletes in boosting their endurance. This does not work when dealing with dogs. As was already noted, canines mostly obtain their energy from fat and protein.
However, that doesn’t negate the significance of carbohydrates. They are converted during digestion to glucose, the vital fuel for the efficient operation of the central nervous system (3). While a dog’s body doesn’t require carbohydrates, it does require glucose. Because of this, a working dog’s diet should be well-balanced and include healthy carbohydrates. Look for meals that use whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other naturally occurring sources of carbohydrates.

In 2022, the Top 5 Best Working Dog Food

Extreme Athlete by Diamond Naturals

The dry dog food from Diamond Naturals is made with K9 Strain Probiotics, a healthy bacteria that supports the immune and digestive systems and keeps your dog active.
The dry dog food Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Adult Dog with Chicken and Rice contains real chicken, is high in protein (32 percent), and was created specifically to meet the needs of dogs that are very active and participate in sports.

It is nutrient-rich and gives dogs the energy they need to thrive. It also contains omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and vitamins and minerals from superfoods like blueberries and oranges, which are formulated for extremely active and sporty dogs.
Prebiotics, antioxidants, and species-specific K9 Strain proprietary probiotics are all included in every serving to support good digestion, a strong immune system, and overall health and wellness.
Made in the USA by a family business using premium components from reliable domestic and international suppliers

Herding Dog Buffalo Formula Elite Series

A special proprietary blend of micronutrients is created especially to support naturally healthier and more active animals. Each component has been chosen with care to complement the others and improve performance, enabling your K9 companion to reach their genetic potential.

  • High protein, simple to digest, lean buffalo meal is the first ingredient.
  • Legume-free.
  • 460 calories per cup, 30 percent protein, 15 percent fat, and 89 percent animal protein.
  • animal sources with a high natural taurine content.
  • Reimagined grain-free recipe without peas, lentils, or beans
  • Pumpkin helps maintain solid stools and manage digestion.
  • It has been demonstrated that the 100% natural yeast culture Trumune helps those with sensitive stomachs, stress, and inflammation.

Victor Classic Dry Dog Food by Hi-Pro Plus

Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food is a nutrient-dense, multi-meat formula packed with lots of high-quality protein to help high-performance dogs and growing puppies meet their nutritional demands. This dry dog food encourages sustained energy and strong immunological and digestive systems with nutritionally complete and cutting-edge ingredients. Except for growth of large size dogs, VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food is developed to fulfill the nutritional levels recommended by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages (70 pounds or more as an adult).

  • Made with premium-quality beef, chicken, pork, and fish meals, this recipe for dry dog food is high in protein and nutrient content.
  • Excellent for growing pups, pregnant or nursing female dogs, and other canines needing large doses of high-quality protein.
  • vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, protein, and amino acid fortification
  • Formulated with our VICTOR Core components, which have been clinically proved to support healthy immunological and digestive systems.
  • made with cereals devoid of gluten.

Using real turkey and venison, Purina One True Instinct

Every component of our healthy dog food, which contains 0% fillers, serves a purpose. This nutrient-dense mix includes natural sources of glucosamine to enhance canine joint health along with a highly digestible formula that allows more nutrition to function inside your companion. He also has strong teeth and healthy gums thanks to the crunchy kibble texture and calcium supplement.

  • This dog food’s top ingredient is real turkey, which helps offer 30% of the protein needed to sustain strong muscles, including a healthy heart, along with venison.
  • Natural dog food without poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors or preservatives, added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Premium dog food with four antioxidant sources to maintain a robust immune system, omega-6 fatty acids to support his lustrous coat and healthy skin.
  • Adult dog kibble made by a veterinarian-recommended brand at Purina-owned, American facilities is complete and balanced.

Senior Dry Dog Food, Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ Brain Support

The formulas in Purina Pro Plan Senior are designed to satisfy the evolving nutritional requirements of senior dogs. Every dry formula has glucosamine and EPA for healthy joints and mobility in addition to the fantastic taste dogs adore. Additionally, each Bright Mind Formula includes a special combination of nutrients that enhance cognitive function and the brain. The ideal Pro Plan formula for your senior dog is just waiting to be found, and there are formulae for small and large breeds to pick from.

  • Ages 7 and older senior dogs benefit from enhanced botanical oils that increase alertness and mental clarity.
    genuine chicken is listed as the first ingredient.
  • EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid, and glucosamine help maintain the flexibility and health of joints.
    guaranteed live probiotics added for the improvement of immunological and digestive health

How to reduce the cost of dog food

Once they discover the ideal dog food, many dog owners stick with that particular brand whenever they shop. Owners of dogs should consider using Amazon’s and Tractor Supply’s subscribe and save features since they will be purchasing the same dog food repeatedly.
Amazon: Save 5% when you have five or more items delivered automatically to the same address.
On qualified purchases, Tractor Supply — TSC Subscription also grants a 5% discount. Customers will also receive free standard delivery on TSC Subscription qualified products with orders over $49.
The subscribe and save option not only helps pet owners save money, but it also saves them time and anxiety. In order to guarantee that your dog never runs out of food, the food will arrive without a reminder to order.

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