Man Spends His 10 Year Savings To An Am.bu.lance To Help Str.ay Dogs!


Your love for animals is great…! ❤️❤️🙏

What a kind man to think of str.ay animals for 10 years while saving for an am.bu.lance, A true animal lover!
It’s difficult to believe someone would save mo.ney for years to help people they don’t even know, but this man did it!!!

Balu is a man from Palu, India, where many stray dogs and cats struggle to find food daily. Balu is a kind man, and he can’t help but notice any animal waiting to [d.i.e].

That’s why, after saving for over ten years, he made the decision to [b.u.y] a van and use it as an animal am.bul.ance to help the needy. He works with non-profits, animal rescues, and pet owners to help cats and dogs who need to be taken to animal shelters and veterinary hos.pitals, and he even brings them to his house if he can’t find a place for them.

Even when too many animals become i.l.l, causing overcrowding, Balu has learned to me.di.cate and bandage their [wo.un.ds] to the point where veterinary authorities and veterinarians assign him to many animals.

He sometimes outperforms the rescuers with his experience and love!

Balu is currently caring for six str.ay dogs with bro.ken paws and because no one has come forward to adopt them. Even though many people think what he is doing is insane, he is determined to do what he believes is right.

This man exemplifies the good that remains in the world in the cruelty and of inn.ocent animals.
Thank you 🙏 so much 🐾🐾🙏🙏💖

He truly is a hero. God bless him and all the str.ay dogs he helps and saves ❤️❤️❤️

Watch the video below:

H/t: Thepetneeds


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