Fire Magic Grill Review 2021: Is It For You?

Fire Magic Grill Review – Are you looking for a grill that is easy to use and will last? Is your current grill in need of an upgrade or replacement? If so, then the Fire Magic Grill might be the perfect option for you. This grill offers many features that make it stand out from other grills on the market.

The following blog post will take a closer look at some of these features and how they can benefit any consumer who may be considering this product for themselves. Join me as we explore what makes the Fire Magic Grill different from other grills on the market today!

Fire Magic Grill Review

Fire Magic produces “high-end” grills at the top of their line. From entry-level Echelon Diamond to the Aurora series, Fire Magic builds luxury gas grills that look as good as cooking. The name Fire Magic has been around for years and is synonymous with quality in outdoor cooking.

The Fire Magic line of grills is available in many different sizes and styles, but possibly the most desirable are the built-in models. These models are installed directly into an existing countertop or island and include a hood, making them perfect for any outdoor kitchen design.

Here’s our overview of all three Fire Magic built-in gas grill lines:

1. Echelon Diamond and Aurora Grills

Fire Magic first introduced their Echelon Diamond line of grills in 2006. These grills feature stainless steel or porcelain-coated cast iron components, standard stainless steel and chrome hoods, and cast aluminum burners.

The black powder-coated finish is accented by a large oval vent on the front of the grill (as shown in the photo above). These grills are available in 36″, 42″, and 48″ widths, with two or three burners models. The 36″ Echelon Diamond is also known as a built-in model.

Fire Magic Grill Review

Fire Magic also offers a line of grills called Aurora Grills. Their first model was released to the market in 2007, and it features stainless steel components with Black Diamond porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates.

The hoods on these grills are stainless steel and feature filter lights that turn on automatically when the grill reaches temperature. Aurora models come in 22″, 30″, 36″ and 42″ widths.

As you can see from the photo below, these grills have a more traditional appearance than the Echelon Diamond line.

2. Additional Echelon Diamond features

You’ll notice about all three Fire Magic grill lines that run on natural gas (which most people are familiar with). However, there is an optional propane conversion kit available for each of these built-in models.

This is a nice feature as propane offers some advantages over natural gas, such as the fact that it’s easier to control the temperature with a closed BBQ system.

You’ll also notice that all three lines come with rotisserie burners. While Fire Magic doesn’t claim which BTUs are used for the rotisserie burners, it’s a nice feature to have for cooking other types of foods.

One thing you may not realize after looking at the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grills is that they are available in 48″ widths as well as 36″ and 42″ widths. No matter what size you choose, all feature stainless steel front and side panels.

Another interesting feature of these grills is that they can be ordered with an optional infrared burner (as shown in the photo above), which heats very quickly without producing smoke or flare-ups. This makes it possible to do high-heat searing over a relatively cool fire.

10 Reasons we love the Fire Magic Echelon Grill

1. Ease and convenience

One of the best things about built-in grills is that they are easy to use and require little effort to maintain. Since these models are installed directly into kitchen counters, there’s no need to worry about storage or setup. It simply takes a few minutes to plug them in and get started.

2. Sleek appearance

Fire Magic built-in grills look great, even when they’re not being used for cooking. They also integrate well with kitchen decor that has an “outdoor” theme.

3. Convenient storage

While we love how easy it is to use built-in grills and how great they look, we also appreciate that they are readily accessible for storage. Some of these models include hoods, which means you can take them down when not in use.

4. Versatility

Another thing we love about Fire Magic built-in gas grills is that they are available in various sizes and configurations. While most models are 36″ wide, you can also choose from 42″ or 48″ widths.

10 Reasons we love the Fire Magic Echelon Grill

5. Even cooking

Except for the infrared burner, all three Fire Magic grill lines use cast aluminum burners (either standard or rotisserie), radiating heat evenly across the grill surface. So, you never have to worry about hot or cold spots because they won’t affect your food during cooking.

6. Built-in convenience

It’s hard to imagine a two-burner gas grill with more built-in convenience than these Fire Magic models. While we love their size and features, one of the most appealing is that there’s no need to worry about storage.

7. Ideal for shared use

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy spending time with family and friends on the weekends, especially in the summer when it’s nice outside. That’s when you’ll appreciate having a Fire Magic built-in grill, which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy a hot meal together.

8. Competitive pricing

These grills typically cost less than freestanding models, which can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Since they are built right into your kitchen countertops, there’s no need to pay for storage or extra shipping fees (which often apply for freestanding grills).

9. Heating versatility

Built-in gas grills from Fire Magic are available with both standard and rotisserie burners. You’ll also have a choice of natural gas or propane, depending on how you want to cook. And there’s an infrared option for searing over really high temperatures without flare-ups.

10. Seamless integration

You’ll appreciate the seamless look of these grills as soon as you set them up in your kitchen or on a patio. It’s hard to believe that they’re built into the countertop, especially if you choose one with quartz stones surrounding it.

Echelon Diamond Reviews

1. Fire Magic Echelon Black Diamond H790I 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Black Diamond H790I grill is part of the black diamond collection. It has a black porcelain-coated steel finish and stainless steel accents. This natural gas grill features modern-style components and stainless-steel construction.

The display includes an LED-backlit digital thermometer and comfort touch knobs. It can display 4 zones of temperature and can also monitor the included food probe. You can adjust the temperature, turn the internal lights on or off, and select four colors.

Each burner has 1/4-inch thick walls with precision porting. The three burners combine to produce 90,000 BTUs. The 792 square inch cooking surface has a matte and nonstick finish.

The removable warming rack can also be removed from the grill. The grill’s back has a set of quantum stainless steel infrared burners and a rotisserie that provides an additional 13,000 BTU heat.

A charcoal and smoker basket are also available on the diamond grill. The large drip tray makes cleaning up more accessible than traditional grills.

When placed on an island or outdoor countertop, this grill looks stunning and seamless.

Cast burners are E-shaped, which means that they have more burner ports than other grills and higher heat output.

Cast burners are E-shaped, which means that they have more burner ports than other grills and higher heat output.

2. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790I 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

The grill features 792 square inches of cooking area and uses the Diamond Sear grids. The flavor grids are equipped with heat zone separators to distribute heat evenly and create separate heat zones.

It also features a nonstick, matte surface and a trapezoid design that efficiently transfers heat from the burner to the food. The total heat output of all the burners is 90,000 BTUs.

This grill has the best ignitions of any brand, as well as backup flash tubes. It’s not about lighting but your grill.

The stainless-steel quantum backburner comes with a heavy-duty, 13000 BTU radiant heat kit. Two halogen lights illuminate the interior of the grill, making it ideal for nighttime grilling.

The display zone is one of the essential features. You can adjust the temperature zones with a finger touch. You can set temperatures, monitor cooking time, and even turn the internal lights on or off with just one touch.

The digital thermometer has a display as well as comfortable touch knobs. The grill’s sleek, modern design makes it a great addition to any outdoor space. You can start cooking as soon as the grill turns on.

You can also cook the meat over charcoal if you prefer a stronger or more smoky flavor. You can also buy the grill preassembled.

Echelon Diamond Reviews

Aurora Grills Reviews

1. Fire Magic Aurora A540I 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Fire Magic A540I grill features a double-walled, spring-assisted, and openable hood that opens 90 degrees. This allows for easy access and more efficient exhaust. For easier viewing, the hood has an integrated thermometer with an angled bezel.

This grill has a cooking area of 540 square inches. Comfort touch control knobs with LED backlighting are available. The E-burners are 1/4 inch thick and can produce 63,000 BTUs. They also have precision porting.

Flash tubes are available for backup cooking. The entire surface is coated with Diamond Sear cooking grids. It also features a matte, nonstick surface and a trapezoid space to transfer heat onto the large cooking surface from the burner.

The warming rack can be detached and adjusted. The disposable drip tray makes cleanup easy and reduces the risk of grease flare-ups.

You can also get a digital thermometer or a meat probe with your grill.

This is the ideal centerpiece for an outdoor luxury kitchen.

2. Fire Magic Aurora A790I 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

This grill is a great choice from the Aurora collection. The grill’s 304 stainless steel construction gives it maximum durability. The control panel features touch control knobs as well as LED lighting.

The thermometer comes with an analog thermometer but can be upgraded to digital if desired. Each flavor grid has its heat zone, giving you a variety of cooking options.

Like many Fire Magic grills, the interior is lit by two halogen lamps and has a disposable drip tray. This prevents grease from sticking to the grill and makes it safer for you to cook.

The total cooking area of the grill is 792 square inches and 90,000 BTUs.

This is the grill for you if you are looking for a high-quality, well-constructed stainless-steel barbecue.

Magic Choice Grills Reviews

1. Fire Magic Choice C540I 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

This C5401-integrated propane gas grill is made from 304 stainless steel. It has a satin finish and a simple control panel. For easy viewing, the hood features an integrated analog thermometer and an angled bezel.

Three tubular burners made of 16-gauge stainless steel in 16 Gauge provide 60000 BTUs. All three burners have Rapid Light ignition. The burner is protected from grease and other debris by the flavor grids.

Diamond Sear cooking grids are used to create a cooking surface of 540 square inches. Trapezoid shapes transfer heat from the fire to food. The warming rack can be adjusted to provide additional space.

The raised hangers at the back and sides of the grill make it easier to install. A disposable drip tray makes it easy to clean up.

This is a basic, all stainless grill that’s great without any extras. It is ideal for condos and apartments because it does not contain electronics or ceramics. The grill has specific heat zones. The heat zones are arranged so that the front is hotter and the back cools down. This may not be the best option if you are looking for an even cooking surface.

The quiet and hot zones can be used to move food on the grill according to the temperature.

2. Fire Magic Choice Multi-User CM430I 24-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

If you’re looking for a basic grill with some great features at a low price, the Fire Magic CM430I might be a good choice. It’s easy to use, which means it can withstand more frequent usage than other grills.

Two tubular stainless-steel 16 gauge burners produce 46,000 BTUs. The grill has 432 square inches of cooking area and the patented Diamond Sear grids. The face panel, which is an anti-theft device, locks the patented Diamond Sear grids in place.

To prevent airflow from the exhaust vent, the hood includes an integrated wine hood. The hood comes with an analog thermometer. As an additional anti-theft measure, all touch knobs are secured by locking pins.

The unit will shut off the gas automatically after an hour to provide additional safety.

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How do I clean my fire magic grill grates?

It would help if you regularly clean the grate by immersing it in hot, scalding soap water. Then rinse and place back into grill. Burn off on high heat for 15 minutes while scrubbing any remaining grease or dirt with a brush!

Should You clean BBQ grill after every use?

For a clean and flavorful grilling experience, give your grill scrubbing after every use. Be sure to do this when the grate has cooled down from cooking but is still warm because any food particles will be much more likely to come off with less effort when giving it some love at the end of its day! All you need for this task are wire brushes.

How do you burn off a grill?

To ensure your grill is clean and safe to cook on, you must burn off the residue left by previous grilling sessions. Allowing small pieces of food debris to accumulate can lead to fires while cooking, which would be pretty unfortunate.

To do this all at once, turn on all four burners for about 15 minutes before preparing more grilled goodies!

The searing heat will cause any leftover particles from prior uses to turn into ash, so they’re easy enough to brush right away with a stainless steel bristle cleaner after turning down the gas stovetop dials back down low again as not to leave an ember in place waiting for another hunk of meat or veggies come along and create some new tasty treats but also one big unwanted mess too!

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We love the Fire Magic Echelon Grill for its versatility and ease of use. We also like the fact that it is designed to be used with or without a cover.

With 10 reasons why this grill is worth your consideration, you can’t go wrong! Want more information on our favorite grills? Visit Florentinesgrill today.

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