Dyson Pure Cool371 – advanced HEPA filter

Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh and Pure with Dyson Pure Cool371 – Advanced HEPA Filter


Indoor air quality is crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment. With pollution levels rising and allergens becoming more prevalent, it’s essential to find effective solutions that can tackle these issues. This is where the Dyson Pure Cool371 comes in – a cutting-edge air purifier equipped with advanced HEPA filter technology.

What is the Dyson Pure Cool371?

The Dyson Pure Cool371 is a high-performance air purifier designed to capture pollutants and allergens while circulating clean, purified air throughout your living space.

Key Features of the Dyson Pure Cool371

The Dyson Pure Cool371 boasts several impressive features that make it stand out:

  • Advanced HEPA Filter: The advanced HEPA filter technology efficiently captures 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring a breath of fresh air every time.
  • Air Multiplier Technology: This innovative feature amplifies the purified air across the room, providing a steady, uninterrupted flow of clean air.
  • Remote Control and App Integration: You can easily control the device through the remote control or by using the Dyson Link app, giving you full control of the air purifier from anywhere in your home.
  • Auto Mode and Night-Time Mode: The Dyson Pure Cool371 intelligently monitors and reacts to the air quality in your surroundings. It even features a quiet night-time mode, so you can enjoy clean air while you sleep.
  • 360° Oscillation: The device can oscillate up to 350°, projecting purified air to every corner of the room, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Dyson Pure Cool371

1. How often should I replace the HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter should be replaced approximately every 12 months, or depending on usage and environmental conditions. The device will notify you when it’s time for a replacement.

2. Can I use the Dyson Pure Cool371 all year round?

Absolutely! The Dyson Pure Cool371 is designed for year-round use. In colder months, it can be used as a fan to circulate purified air without cooling. It is equally effective regardless of the season.

3. Does the Dyson Pure Cool371 eliminate odors?

While the primary purpose of the Dyson Pure Cool371 is to capture pollutants and allergens, it can also help reduce certain household odors. However, for strong odors, it is recommended to use specific odor-control measures.

4. How much space does the Dyson Pure Cool371 cover?

The Dyson Pure Cool371 is designed for medium to large rooms. It can effectively purify the air in spaces up to 600 square feet, making it suitable for most living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

5. Is the Dyson Pure Cool371 energy efficient?

Yes, the Dyson Pure Cool371 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It features a built-in sleep timer, auto mode, and sensors that proactively manage energy consumption, helping you save on electricity costs.


The Dyson Pure Cool371 is a powerful air purifier that combines advanced HEPA filter technology with innovative features. With its ability to capture allergens, pollutants, and even eliminate odors, it ensures that you and your family always breathe clean, fresh air. Take control of your indoor air quality today with Dyson Pure Cool371 and experience the difference it can make.

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