Diet Of Raw Meat For Canines With Autoimmune Diseases

We understand that you only want the best for your beloved pet. It breaks your heart when your furry child has a medical problem like an autoimmune illness. As you can see, we were correct. The good news is that feeding your dog a raw food diet can be quite beneficial for dogs with autoimmune illnesses.
Many dog owners decide to give their pets processed, low-quality food, which can cause a variety of medical problems. We don’t hold people accountable for their ignorance. But you’re unique; you’re about to discover how a high-quality raw food diet for canines with autoimmune illnesses can improve your dog’s quality of life.

The Immune System of a Dog

Similar to humans, a dog’s immune system defends the body from diseases, infections, foreign bodies, viruses, and other threats. It is what maintains a dog’s health.

The issue is that a dog’s immune system can’t do its job effectively when it’s not functioning at its best. What occurs when the immune system is underperforming? The body begins to experience pain, which is what triggers diseases like autoimmune disease.

How Eating Raw Food Boosts Immune Function

Poor diet is a major cause of many ailments that affect dogs. The nutrients required to keep your dog’s body in top condition are missing from processed food. A healthy immune system is greatly impacted by food deficiency.
In addition to lacking in nutrition, certain dry dog diets can contain poisons and chemicals that further deplete a dog’s body’s internal systems. Due to the fact that a dog’s body cannot handle a double attack, autoimmune disorders frequently coexist with other illnesses such inflammatory bowel disease, degenerative joint disease, and heart disease.
Don’t be too offended if you’re reading the above in terror. You can’t change what you don’t know, but now that you do, you can support our pup more effectively. A raw food diet is an option for puppies with autoimmune illnesses.
The Advantages of Raw Feeding for Your Pet Raw feeding is a good approach to maintain and improve your pet’s health. Among the many advantages of feeding your dog raw food are:

  • Increasing Immune System Strength
  • A better coat and skin
  • improved dental health
  • Stool volume and odor are lessened High Energy Levels Body Odor

Autoimmune diseases in dogs

A compromised immune system is the origin of autoimmune disorders. The weakening of each body part affects the sort of autoimmune disease a dog has. Some of the most prevalent autoimmune diseases are the ones listed below.
Hyperthyroidism: Affects the thyroid gland and may result in hormonal production disturbances that thicken the skin, create obesity, cause intolerance to cold and exercise, and dull the mind.
Lupus: A condition in which the body’s major organs, including the skin, blood, and nervous system, are attacked by your dog’s immune system. Risk to life exists with lupus.
Polyarthritis that is immune-mediated causes discomfort, swelling, and a loss of mobility in the joints.
GI discomfort and inflammation are brought on by inflammatory bowel disease, which develops when the immune system overreacts to germs in the intestines.

Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia: When antibodies attack their own red blood cells, a secondary disorder, like malignancy, frequently coexists.
A primary or secondary condition in which the immune system eliminates platelets is known as immune-mediated thrombocytopenia. Blood clotting is aided by platelets, which stop bleeding.
Diabetes: As a result of the immune system attacking the pancreas and destroying its insulin-producing cells, the pancreas stops producing insulin. Study More: CBD for Canine Diabetes
Myasthenia Gravis: The immune system’s antibodies target neurotransmitters that regulate muscular movement.
Rheumatoid Arthritis: A chronic condition that causes swelling and pain in the joints.
Addison’s disease: When the immune system attacks the adrenal glands, they are unable to produce adequate cortisol and aldosterone.
Autoimmune skin conditions that affect dogs called bullous autoimmune skin disorders.
Inflammation of the tissues supporting the teeth is known as periodontal disease. It may result in tooth loss.
Giving your pet a healthy diet that supports a robust immune system is the greatest method to stave off the autoimmune conditions mentioned above.

For dogs with autoimmune diseases, how to feed a raw food diet

With the assistance of firms that make raw dog food, pet owners may easily give their dogs a raw diet. For the same price or slightly more than what you are now spending on your dog’s diet, several of these businesses will deliver a raw diet to your home.

A Raw Food Diet’s Price

The majority of pet owners underestimate the cost of a raw diet. Pet owners are frequently taken aback by the expense difference between feeding their dog a raw diet vs one that is dry. Not to mention that many pet owners end up saving a ton of money over the course of their dog’s lifetime by feeding them a healthy diet of raw meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Dogs’ Raw Diet Delivery Services

A raw food diet is the best option for dogs with autoimmune illnesses if you want to keep their immune systems strong. Although, before making any dietary modifications for your dog, you should always consult your veterinarian.
It is now quite simple to feed dogs a raw diet thanks to delivery services for raw dog food. They also lessen the discomfort for pet owners who dislike handling raw meat and frequently wash their hands throughout the cooking process.

When choosing to move to a raw food diet for canines with autoimmune illnesses, Dog Ownership Guide suggests the following pet food manufacturers.

A Natural Pet Only

Freeze-dried pet food is available from Only Natural Pet. They eat raw meat, fruits, and vegetables, all of which are organic. You must add water to the packages because they are freeze-dried before giving them to your dog. But all that is required to prepare it is that. It’s as simple as taking a scoop out of a barrel of dry food.
The Only Natural Pet team includes veterinarians to guarantee that the recipes have all the amazing nourishment that dogs require for a healthy, happy body and life.

More details on Only Natural Pet can be found here:

  • EasyRaw Dehydrated Dog Food by Only Natural Pet Review by Only Natural Pet Product Reviews: Is Only Natural Pet Food Good?
  • Joyful Dog Food
  • Products from Happy Dog Food solely include wholesome fruits and veggies. Pet owners will need to add raw meat to the recipes, which is rather simple if you don’t want to handle raw meat and constantly wash your hands. The wonderful thing about Happy Dog’s products is that you may tailor the recipes to your dog’s needs by selecting the meats to include. For instance, you can increase the amount of salmon or tuna in your dog’s diet if it requires a little more omega fatty acids.
  • Happy Dogs Raw Dog Food: Read More About Happy Dog Food
  • Gratitude Dog Food
  • Ollie Canine Food
  • Popular fresh dog food provider Ollie is. Their goods are shipped frozen. Defrosting the food before feedings is the most difficult part, but it’s not too difficult if you remember to put it in the refrigerator the day before.
  • If Ollie is on your mind, read our article on Frozen Raw Dog Food Left Out Overnight first because leaving meat out of the refrigerator over an extended amount of time might allow bacteria to grow on it.

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