Best Grill Brush 2021: Top Brands Review

A grill brush is an essential tool for any backyard chef. Keeping your clean grill grates of food particles and grime can be tricky, but with the right tools, it’s easy to make sure you’re eating safe, delicious grilled foods. The best grill brushes are made from quality materials that won’t flake or break under pressure.

They also have long, sturdy bristles that will help remove caked-on residue without damaging your cooking surface. You’ll want a brush that has a wide brush head to reach the burners and walls of your grill while still being small enough to store easily in the kitchen cupboard when not in use!

Florentinesgrill has created a list of top-rated Best Grill Brush to help you find the perfect one. It can be not easy to know which one is right, and that’s why we’ve done all of the research for you!

Top Rated Best Grill Brush Review

1. Kona 360° Grill Brush

Best grill brush overall

The Kona 360deg Grill Brush can be used as a one-stop solution to clean a grill. Its three-part head is made up of oversized, heavy-duty pipe cleaners. This allows it to reach angles that traditional flat, square grill brushes can’t.

After using this brush for several months, we found that using different angles and rounded edges is the best way to clean a grill grate. This makes cleanup much more accessible than we ever imagined.

This brush is lightweight and balanced. It’s excellent for cleaning hot surfaces as it can easily remove residue. It is essential to ensure that the meeting dries well if used with water to clean your grill. We haven’t seen any rust on it, so we recommend hanging it vertically.

This brush can be used to clean the whole grill box if you wish. It is also safe for ceramic, porcelain, and infrared surfaces.

Pros: Multidirectional bristle brush, high-quality bristles, won’t break or bend easily, non-reactive, cleans at angles

Cons: The brush head is not easily replaceable and can rust if not dried properly. There is no built-in metal scraper, though you might not use it with this brush.

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2. Cuisinart’s Grill Cleaning Brush

Best budget grill brush

Cuisinart’s Grill Cleaning Brush is a simple tool that can be used for basic cleaning tasks. It’s also affordable and made of heat-intolerant materials.

Budget grill brushes are notorious for having short, plastic handles that melt quickly. This can lead to arm hairs being pulled out. Cuisinart has addressed this problem by equipping its brush with a long stainless steel handle. It won’t burn and will keep your hands away from the heat.

Between the inch-long bristles and the three-and-a-quarter-inch scraper, this brush will give you everything you need (save for a bit of water and maybe some grill spray) to keep your grill operational.

This is not to say that this brush is perfect. We still haven’t found the right one in this price range. Although the bristle brush is short and easily bendable, they seem to break quite easily with cheaper brushes. The majority of the tool is made of stainless steel.

However, the brush head’s base is made of plastic. If you don’t take care, it will melt. Keep moving if you are working on a hot grill. Leaving a spot too long can accelerate the melting process.

It’s a traditional, functional brush design that has a grid of bristles. You can get rid of plastic entirely by spending a little more, but the brush will last for a few seasons.

Pros: Long stainless steel handle with built-in metal scraper

Cons: The base of the brush head is made from plastic and can melt if not careful. The brand doesn’t offer replacements.

Top Rated Best Grill Brushes Review

3. Kona’s Safe/Clean Wooden Grill Scraper

Best grill scraper

You might think Kona’s Safe/Clean Wooden Grill Scraper isn’t worth it fresh out of its packaging. It will take some time to scrape your grill and create grooves in the scraper.

But once it is done, it will work almost as well as a good grill brush. The main advantage is that no stainless steel bristles can break off and get stuck in the grill’s grates or your food.

You’ll likely want to use a wet brush towel to clean up any crumbs left behind. To clean your grates properly, you’ll need to flip them.

This scraper is an excellent choice because of its D-shaped handle, which looks like a snow shovel. It allows you to put your shoulders into cleaning. It is also thicker than other options, which might cause them to wear out much faster.

Because there are never enough bottle openers when grilling outside, Kona’s Safe/Clean Wooden Grill Scraper has one.

A word of wisdom: Hang it vertically, ideally from an attached hook, or bring it inside. Ours was left on a table with rainwater, and it cracked. If you are careful, this shouldn’t happen.

Pros: Food-quality varnish and solid hardwood that molds to your grill over time

Cons: It takes time to mold to your grill. Not as thorough as using a brush. If it gets (and stays!) wet, it will warp and break.

4. Avant Grub Professional-Grade Grill-Cleaning Brick

Best grill-cleaning brick

The cleaning brickworks in the same way as a wooden grill scraper. You will create grooves with your grates using it, but it is much more flexible and can take shape in a matter of minutes.

Although it will do a fantastic job cleaning them, you’ll need to flip the grates to clean the underside. Corners, edges, and difficult-to-reach places will also need to be brushed.

Nonporous pumice is the most common type of grill cleaning brick. There are universal brick handles that can make cleaning a lot easier, but these are not necessary.

Grill cleaning bricks are easy to use and safer than wire brushes. Although they clean more efficiently than brushes, you will need to replace them more often than brushes as they are less durable.

Avant Grubs grill-cleaning bricks made from nonporous pumice are all excellent options. However, Avant Grubs is more cost-effective, especially if you get a 4-pack.

This brick shines porcelain-coated stainless-steel grates in the shortest time, even compared to the brushes we tested. However, because it does not have a contoured edge or a scraper, you will need to use another tool (probably a toothbrush) to reach those hard-to-reach areas.

Pros: Quick and easy to use, does a great job of removing grease.

Cons: Too large, messy, won’t reach corners or edges, so a brush must.

5. Grill Rescue

The Grill Rescue Brush and Scraper are the best grill brushes on the market.

It is easy to use

  • The grill should be heated
  • The brush can be dipped in water
  • Clean

The brush is made of stainless steel and has a scraper.

It can be washed in the dishwasher. The brush head can also be removed for cleaning and replacement.

This is one of those purchases that makes your heart feel good. This product was created by firefighters and donated a portion to first responders.

Keep reading if you are looking for a regular grill brush. This is the one for you if your goal is to get the best.


  • Use Steam to Clean Pristine
  • Easy To Use – No Scrubbing
  • It actually cleans your grill


  • It’s expensive because you’re getting quality.

6. Outset Short Plastic Grill Brush with Scraper

This Short Plastic Grill Brush by Outset is the Best Value if you are looking for something simple but still effective. This lightweight tool has stainless steel bristles and is lightweight.

It has an angled head that keeps your fingers away from hot grates and provides good leverage for scraping. As the bristle brush begins to deform, we recommend that you use light pressure.


  • Compact and small
  • Included is a scraper


  • For smaller or cooler grills, a shorter plastic handle is more practical.

6. Grillart Grill Brush and Scraper

In our tests, this grill brush was the best. The handle is thick and round, making it easy to hold. It also has three columns of wire bristles. These can cover large areas and work well around grill grates.

The bristle brushes are shaped in an overlapping pattern that allows them to wrap around grates and clean both the sides and top of the grates. This round design allows for easy rotation when cleaning edges. Turn your wrist one way or the other to get between grates.

To clean single grates, flip the brush upside down. You can also use an additional scraper to increase your versatility.


  • Easy cleaning is possible with the round handle and bristle design
  • Sturdy brush


  • Pay attention to a loose bristles brush

7. Weber Bamboo Grill Brush

Best Wooden Grill Brush

This combination of a bamboo brush and a scraper is strong enough to clean your grill. You can choose from two lengths: 12 or 18 inches. There is also a bonus scraper at the back to remove food caked on. The 18-inch version was tested and proved to be sturdy enough for two-handed use.

The handle is thick and smooth with rounded edges. It feels comfortable in your hand. This brush reached the borders of grates, and the scraper could be used to precisely clean individual grates.


  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Sturdy
  • Replaceable head
  • Nylon bristles are less likely than enameled grill grates and porcelain to scratch.


  • To avoid nylon brushes melting, you must use a grill cool

8. Weber 3-Sided Grill Brush

Best Short-Handled Grill Brush

The ability to grip the brush while cleaning was what made this short-handled brush stand out from other long brushes. It felt stronger than the long 18-inch version that was almost too flexible to clean thoroughly without two hands.

We liked the ease of turning the brush to reach corners. The flat head covers a large surface area, making it easy to clean up.


  • Stability is offered by a short head and a handle
  • Individual grates can be easily accessed by rounded bristle brushes
  • Horizontal design allows you to clean many grates at once


  • Super hot grills are more difficult to clean with a shorter handle

9. Unicook Nylon Grill Brush

Best Reusable Grill Brush

The end of the grilling season will have brought about a lot of wear to your brush. This grill brush lets you replace the brush head of the brush rather than replacing the whole thing. The nylon brush can be used on a grill, but you should let it cool down first. This shape is wider and covers more area.

10. Grilltastic by Sienna Grill Cleaner

Best Electric Grill Brush

Although this scrubber is a bit more expensive than others, it’s well worth the money. This scrubber is a favorite of our Cleaning Lab. We use it to clean the grills in our GH Test Kitchen. It produces hot steam, which cleans your grill’s grease by heating water.


  • Steam loosens residue making it easier to clean.
  • A powerful degreaser


  • An electrical outlet is required
  • Prices high

What We Looked For in the Best Grill Brushes and Tools?

11. Alpha Grillers

The Alpha Grillers Grill Brush can be used for a variety of purposes and is very durable.

It comes with many bristle brushes that can be angled so that you can thoroughly brush your grill.

It was tested on all types of grills, including cast iron grates, porcelain, and stainless steel.

For stubborn residues, the brush has a stainless-steel scraper.

This works well for those who grill frequently and grill enthusiasts.

If the bristles become loose, replace them immediately.


  • Durable Design
  • Quickly Get All the Residue Out
  • Long design for no burnt hands


  • Metal bristles can pose a danger to your health and could be dangerous. Use stainless steel bristles with caution

12. Grillaholics

A nylon brush is safer than a metal wire bristle brushes if you don’t want any injuries.

The bristles of Grillaholics are thick and sturdy, which means they have a long life expectancy.

The removable head makes it easy to replace if damaged.

They are easy to spot if they become brittle after cleaning because of their bright red bristles.

They are also thicker to make it easier to see and increase the brush’s durability.

The hook can hang it, and the handle is long and angled for ease of use.


  • Bristle Free brush Alternative
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Safe for chrome and porcelain grill grates


  • Before cleaning with nylon, allow the grill to cool.
  • You may need to deep clean your home with other products from time to time

13. Weber wide-shaped brush

Weber’s broad-shaped brush makes it simple to clean multiple areas of the grill.

It is efficient and works well for cleaning edges.

It features an ergonomic handle and the most extended length, which adds extra protection against heat.

After 15 minutes of preheating your grill, the best time to use your brush is immediately after.

Weber and we at TheGrillingDad advise against using the brush if the bristles become loose.

It is best to replace the brush with a new one once it has happened.

If you grill often, it is a good idea to replace the season once per year.

This design is ideal for deep cleaning and reaching difficult-to-reach places.


  • Durable Bristles (but watch out!)
  • Good Length For Cleaning
  • Designed to Get Crannies and Nooks


  • The wire connecting the brush and handle is not as strong as the rest.
  • You don’t need a scraper for tough char.

14. Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush

This Grill Daddy is a great tool for cleaning a great grill. It cleans with steam and does not require you to immerse the brush in water. This vacuum looks like a space-age vacuum. However, the handle provides a comfortable grip for steaming and scrubbing.

Fill the brush with water and turn the valve on. The meeting will dispense just enough water to clean the coals efficiently.

The brush comes with two heads: a standard one and a crud-buster scraper brush to remove stubborn debris. This will allow you to clean every corner of your grates. They are dishwasher-safe and made of stainless steel.

Although the brush heads can last a lifetime, they will eventually need to be replaced. You don’t have to throw away your brush if the brush heads wear out. Replacement brush heads are readily available. To make it even more versatile, there are accessories. This grilling tool is durable and should last many years.

The Original Grill Daddy is also available by the brand. It’s not as costly. The original model is made of plastic, and the bristles are not as densely packed.

Dimensions: 17 x 6 inches | Weight: 3 pounds | Brush Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: Lifetime for body


  • Steam cleaning with built-in water reservoir
  • Two brush heads that are dishwasher-safe
  • Replacement brush heads available


  • Expensive

What happens if you swallow a grill brush bristle?

15. Best Music Posters BBQ Grill Grate Cleaner

This is not a wire brush. It’s a nylon scrub pad with a handle that you can use to scrub the grill grates like you would for pots and pans. This can be used indoors as well, even if you don’t use it on the grill.

This scrubber should not be used with hot grates like metal scrubbers. To get rid of any grease and barbecue sauce, the scrubber can be tossed in the dishwasher after you have finished cleaning the grill. You will receive two scrubbers from having one near the grill and one in your kitchen.

Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 3 inches | Brush Material: Nylon


  • Dishwasher-safe scrub pad
  • Additional scrubber is available
  • Other kitchen surfaces can be used


  • Sheds during heavy use
  • Only for use on a cool barbecue

What Are the Different Types of Materials Used?

1. Horseshoe

These brushes are made of a material that is solid, ceramic, and metal. They can be used on any grill grate.

2. Metal

A metal brush has bristles attached to an angled handle that is easy to grip. They can clean off even the most stubborn debris from your grates and grill plates.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can clean off any debris found on your grates without harming or damaging your grill. They have been designed to fit all types of grills and are safe for use with cooking utensils.

4. Nylon

Made from nylon or natural fiber, these brushes have very stiff bristles that can clean off heavy debris stuck to your grill surface. It’s manufactured with a patented technology, which allows the meeting to bend and flex as needed while in use on your grill grates.

5. Electric

An electric brush fits easily over the grill grate or plate and can be used for several different types of grills. They do not require any additional cleaning tools or methods, as they can remove the toughest debris right away.

6. Aramid Fiber

These brushes are made from a synthetic material that is safe to use in your grill. It has been designed with bristles that can easily remove food particles and residue, leaving the surface of your grates clean and sanitary.

What Are the Different Types of Materials Used?

What We Looked For in the Most Grill Brushes and Tools?

1. Handles

How comfortable are they to hold? Are they easy to grip even when you’re working with messy foods or oils? What type of material is used for the handle, such as steel or plastic?

2. Bristles

The bristles should be made of a material that is firm yet flexible enough to remove debris from the grates and prevent scratching your grill surface.

Nylon brushes are best for cleaning harsh or baked-on residue without damaging the cooking surface or releasing harmful toxins into the air; plastic bristles can melt when touching hot surfaces and can also scratch the grates; stainless steel bristles are not flexible enough to clean harsh residue without scratching a gas or charcoal grill surface.

3. Ease of Use

If a brush is easy to use, you will be more likely to clean your grates regularly; this means preserving their quality for years to come. How does it work? Is it able to fit the grates and grill plates easily? Is it easy to clean after use, etc.?


What happens if you swallow a grill brush bristle?

It’s not just your barbecue that could be dangerous. Public health experts warn that wire grill brush can snap off and find their way into grilled meats. These bristles can tear up a person’s throat and digestive tract, causing potentially life-threatening injuries if ingested.

It is essential to clean the grates of your BBQ before cooking because, at any moment, wire grill brush might get snapped off onto them or into the food you are preparing for consumption!

These bristle pieces have been known to cause severe damage if they end up in someone’s mouth – so make sure you are keeping an eye on what happens while it cooks away out there!

Should you use a wire brush on the grill?

Wire grill brushes have always been the standard for cleaning a dirty grill, but how safe are they? People might be surprised to hear that wire bristles can break off and find their way into your food when you’re grilling.

Swapping out this brush with an all-natural option would keep both yourself and those around you safer because these types of materials don’t pose as much risk in comparison.

Read more about some tips clean grill without brush we recommend.

What happens if you don’t clean your grill?

You might be wondering why you should ever bother to clean your grill. Well, it turns out that if left uncleaned for too long, the old gunk can become rancid and spoil all of those succulent meats we love so much! For instance, any food touching residues on a dirty grill will absorb their flavors – which may not always be delicious or even safe.

If you don’t want bacteria growing in between every crack where grease has accumulated over time, then get cleaning ASAP with some soap and water (or maybe wipe them down).


The grills are an essential part of any barbecue. If you don’t have a quality grill, your food will not cook properly and taste dry or burnt.

A good grill brush is key to ensuring that you keep your grill in pristine condition by removing all debris before cooking with it again.

We’ve reviewed five models of the best BBQ brushes on the market today-looking at their materials, customer reviews, ease of use, and more to help make sure that you find yourself a suitable model for your needs!

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