Best Electric Grill 2021: Top Brands Review

If you want to grill food without the hassle of charcoal or propane, then an electric grill may be the best option for you. These grills are easy to use and clean up and offer various cooking options with features like adjustable temperature controls, even heat distribution, and removable plates.

You can find everything from a portable electric grill that is perfect for camping trips to a large-sized model that will fit in your outdoor kitchen space. With so many great options available from brands like Weber Grills, it’s hard not to find one that suits your needs!

The latest innovations in technology have made grilling more convenient than ever before. Electric grills heat up quickly and are easy to clean. They also don’t emit fumes into the air as their gas counterparts do. Start enjoying the benefits of an electric grill today!

Florentinesgrill‘ll walk through some of the best electric grills on the market so that you can decide which one is right for your needs.

Top Rated 15 Best Electric Grills Review

1. George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill is the Best Overall if you’re looking for a freestanding electric grill. The model comes with a removable stand, so you can use it outdoors on a patio or indoors on a countertop. It also has 240 square inches of cooking area that allows you to make approximately 15 servings.

There are many features on the George Foreman grill that will make grilling enjoyable. It has a removable grill plate that can be removed for cleaning and a sloped grilling area that drains excess fat from meat.

The drip tray is dishwasher-safe and can collect grease. You can also choose from five temperature settings. Our tester found that the grill was easy to assemble and clean. It also heats up quickly for other types of grilling.

George Foreman also makes a few indoor/outdoor grills. The GFO3320GM has a slightly higher MSRP, features a premium ceramic coating and a built-in temperature gauge.

Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 35 inches | Cooking Area: 240 square inches | Watts: 1600 | Use: indoor/outdoor


  • It is large enough to feed a crowd
  • Nonstick grill plates are easy to clean
  • Use indoors and outdoors


  • Grease can be used to heat control

2. Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

Runner up

The Weber Q1400 Electric Grill is one of the most popular electric grills. The tabletop model features a 1560 watt heating element, 189 square inches of cooking space, and a 6-foot grounded cord.

The Weber Q 1400’s exterior features a sleek design with a cast aluminum lid, body, and large grip handle. There are also control knobs and side handles. The infinite heat control settings allow you to adjust the internal temperature. Additionally, the cast-iron porcelain-enameled cooking grates will give your food an excellent sear.

Our product reviewer was pleased with the design and performance of this electric barbecue. She said that it is ideal for people who want to reduce space and that the cast iron grates produce beautiful sear marks.

Weber offers the Q 2400 electric grill for slightly more money. It boasts 280 square feet of cooking space.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 27 x 16.5 inches | Cooking Area: 189 square inches | Watts: 1560 | Use: outdoor


  • Easy to transport and durable
  • Quick assembly
  • Cast iron cooking grates help retain heat


  • Displays temperature but not temperature
  • Preheating time is long

Top Rated 15 Best Electric Grills Review

3. PowerXL Smokeless Grill

Best Smokeless

Grilling indoors can cause a lot of smoke and set off your fire alarm. This is a problem that many people don’t want to have to deal with.

The PowerXL Smokeless Grill is designed to eliminate smoke thanks to its smoke-extracting fan. It can reach up to 450°F and has a sealed lid that locks in moisture to prevent it from drying out while you cook.

The indoor grill has a 13-3/4×8-inch cooking area that can hold eight giant hamburgers. It also features a nonstick ceramic surface that makes it easy to flip your food and take it out.

The unit comes with an oil-drip tray beneath the cooking surface for catching any drippings. There is also an extra griddle plate for making breakfast. This unit is smoke-free and, therefore, an excellent choice for apartment dwellers.

Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 5.5 inches | Cooking Area: 110 square inches | Watts: 1200 | Use: indoor


  • Smoke-free cooking
  • Both grill and grid
  • Seals well with lid


  • There are many things to clean
  • Cooking can be a bit uneven
  • There is no timer

4. Cuisinart GR-5B Electric Griddler Five

Best Indoor

You can make hamburgers in the oven. Cuisinart Electric Griddler is the best product for you. It can be used as a contact grill or panini press and also acts as a griddle. The countertop model can adjust the temperature to up to 450°F and is dishwasher-safe.

The sleek indoor grill offers five cooking options: you can use it as a full grill, contact grill, panini press, full grill, entire grid, half grill/half grid, and full grill. The LCD and digital controls allow you to switch between functions, adjust the temperature, time, and more.

Additionally, the floating cover and reversible plates make it easy to clean and remove. This indoor grill can be used as a griddle and has been praised by reviewers. Some customers have complained that the griddle does not heat evenly.

Dimensions: 8.75 x 16 x 13.75 inches | Cooking Area: 99 square inches | Watts: 1500 | Use: indoor


  • Can be used as a griddle
  • Preheats quickly
  • Cooking plates that are dishwasher-safe


  • Some report uneven heat distribution

5. Cuisinart 30-Inch Electric Smoker

Best Smoker

A nice piece of smoked beef brisket is a treat that everyone should enjoy every once in awhile. Cuisinart Electric Smoker allows you to create delicious smoked meats at home.

The electric smoker is easy to use. Plug it in and place your meat on the rack. Once the temperature is set, you can enjoy the delicious results. You’ll enjoy a delightful, smoked meal in just a few hours.

The electric smoker features a 1500-watt heating element, which can heat the food to 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat can be adjusted via a dial, and there is a sizeable 548-square-inch cooking area. This allows you to cook multiple items at once.

To get that smokey flavor, the smoker comes with a tray to hold wood chips. The easy-to-use design makes it ideal for beginners as well as more experienced grillers. Reviewers highly praise this electric smoker. They praise its ease of use and simplicity.

Dimensions: 22 x 19 x 37.5 inches | Cooking Area: 548 square inches | Watts: 1500 | Use: outdoor


  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Temperature control that is precise and constant
  • Spacious


  • No drip tray

6. Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

Best for Patios

The Char-Broil Infrared Patio Bistro outdoor electric grill is highly recommended if you have a dedicated space. The infrared technology heats food directly, minimizing hot spots.

It has 240 square inches of cooking space that can hold eight to twelve burgers. An additional removable warming rack provides an extra 320 square inches of cooking space.

The electric grill is powered by 1750 watts and can be plugged into any standard outlet. The electric grill features a porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grate and lid-mounted temperature gauge.

It also has wheels for greater mobility. Although the electric grill is easy to use, it requires some learning if you switch from charcoal grilling or gas grilling. Its ability to smoke food adds value.

Notable: The Spruce Eats tested a model that had folding side shelves. The most recent models don’t.

Dimensions: 26 x 38.5 x 24.2 inches | Cooking Area: 320 square inches | Watts: 1750 | Use: outdoor


  • This gives food a smokey flavor
  • It is easy to clean


  • There is no handle to move the grill
  • Better placement of the thermometer could be possible

PowerXL Smokeless Grill - Best Smokeless

7. Kenyon B70082 Floridian All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill

Best Splurge

Although the price tag is higher, the Kenyon Floridian All-Seasons Portable Electric Grill’s sleek design and high-quality performance are unbeatable. This model is capable of heating up to 600 F in 10 minutes. It can also heat indoors on days with poor weather.

The Floridian All Seasons Grill offers 155 square inches of cooking area. It is also made from stainless steel. For easy cleaning, the lid and grill grate can be washed in the dishwasher. Reviewers have praised this electric model for its durability and unbeatable results.

Dimensions: 21 x 12.25 x 9.25 inches | Cooking Area: 155 square inches | Watts: 1300 | Use: indoor/outdoor


  • Heats quickly
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher safe lid and grill grate


  • Expensive

8. BLACK+DECKER George Foreman GR0040B 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill

Best Budget

The George Foreman Classic Grill is an affordable choice for those who don’t like to grill but want an electric grill. The 36-inch cooking surface can hold two meals at once and can be stored vertically.

The Classic Plate Grill countertop model features a nonstick grill coating, George Foreman’s standard fat draining, sloped design, and George Foreman’s classic fast-draining, sloped design.

The drip tray is dishwasher-safe, and the heating elements embedded in the grill are for rapid temperature recovery and heat distribution. It has a power indicator light that lets you know when the grilling surface has reached preheating. However, it is perfect for just one or two people, according to reviewers.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.25 x 10.25 inches | Cooking Area: 36 square inches | Watts: 760 | Use: indoor


  • Perfect for one-servings
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable


  • Temperature control is not possible

9. Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill

Weber is synonymous with barbecuing innovation, as they are present in more than 40 countries across all continents. Weber is the leading global provider of perfect barbeques products that include electric grills.

The Q 2400 ELECTRIC GILL has a cooking surface of 280 sq. in. This means that you can cook 12 burgers at once. It uses 1560 watts of power.

Extra Features

Cast iron is used to make cooking grates. It retains heat longer and radiates heat evenly to all parts of the grates.

The infinite heat control valve on your grill allows you to cook food exactly how you like it.

A 6-foot power cord is included with your grill. It can reach all power sockets nearby.

It comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to spend time assembling. The BILT APP provides interactive 3D instructions for the assembly of the parts.

The large grip handle, smooth control knobs, and side holding handles make it easy to use and control.

Cast aluminum is used for the outer body, which gives your electric grill a lightweight.

The porcelain-enameled lid, outer, and cooking grates are long-lasting.


  • The BILT APP makes it easier to assemble.
  • A light bodyweight
  • Easy holding is possible with the side and grip handles.
  • Knobs can be turned easily.


  • Temp. gauge not there to measure temperature.

10. Techwood Electric BBQ Grill

The TECHWOOD brand is known for making high-quality, long-lasting appliances for your home. Their flagship product is the TECHWOOD 18” TOP ELECTRIC GILL.

The United States offers Product Liability Insurance that covers electric grills. The cooking surface is 240 sq. in. It can cook up to 15 servings per hour, which is enough for a small gathering in your home.

Extra Features

The grill’s design is simple, with an interlocking bowl and hood that allows for quick heating. This also heats food evenly, making it tastier.

The premium cast iron porcelain-coated cooking grates are rust-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

The lid also features a food rack that is attached just above the cooking grates. It stores and heats your food through indirect heating.

The temperature control knob allows you to adjust the heat for your meal quickly.

The lid has a rotating venting system that effectively dissipates heat from the grill. It helps to keep your steak juicy and tender.

You don’t have to worry about flares and smoke because it is approved for apartments. Your wall will remain beautiful for all time.

The sides of the grill have insulated handles that keep it cool. You can easily hold, control, and manage the grill with your hands.

TORCHWOOD also offers a 60-day return policy and a 36-month guarantee. This guarantees you high quality and efficiency for your electric grill.


  • Temperature control adjustable.
  • Grates are easy to clean and rust-resistant.
  • Heats rapidly.
  • 36-month warranty


  • Temp. Gauge is not there to find real-time temp. of your grill.
  • Cleaning involves disassembling parts each time.

Techwood Electric BBQ Grill

11. Giantex 1350W Electric BBQ Grill Non-Stick

GIANTEX has marked all of its appliances with numbers. With the help of pictures and text explanations, you can assemble your appliance quickly.

GIANTEX NON-STICK ELECTRIC GRILL also comes in this category. You can cook on it a total of 240 sq. in. It uses just 1350W power to run, making it an energy-efficient grill.

Extra Features

The nonsticky, high-quality cooking grate for your grill is essential. This allows you to turn your food and prevents them from getting burnt quickly.

Additionally, you can cook three different types of food simultaneously by dividing the cooking grate into three sections.

There are four temperature settings available that will allow you to heat food in different ways. You can cook your food exactly how you like it.

The temperature regulator can be detached and set the desired temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the grill will stop heating. This protects you and your grill.

The grease can be collected by placing bowls under the surface. This will help you keep the grill clean.

A 5ft tall stand and a sturdy base will support your grill. This will keep your grill and the food you place on it.

The stand also features a rotating condiment tray that rotates 360 degrees at its center. This makes it easy to store and access seasoning.

The insulated handle on your grill is designed to keep your hands safe from being burned. Your grill is easy to control, hold, and manage.


  • Temperature regulator Auto-Cut
  • Seasoning can be done easily with the condiment tray
  • Your grill will be supported by a 5ft tall stand.
  • A collection bowl is used to collect all kinds of naturally occurring liquids or greases.


  • Temp. The gauge is not used to determine the temp. Your grill.

12. Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill

Hamilton Beach is the top-rated electric grill because of its unique features. This model can be used indoors as an electric grill. The model has 118 square inches of workspace. This is sufficient for approximately 6 people. It can reach temperatures up to 480°F.

The top of the pan has a view to see how your food is cooking while you cook it. This product has received many positive reviews and is our top choice.

The grill comes with a large drip tray and nonstick cooking grates, which are dishwasher-safe. You can remove the grill cover for hand washing. It would help if you were cautious when handling the grill cover as there are sharp corners around the viewing window.


  • Total Grill Cooking Area: 118 sq. inches
  • Total BTUs N/A
  • Number of Primary Grid Burners: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 16.73x 6.81 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Electric


  • Viewing window
  • Exterior in stainless steel
  • Serves 6
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Sharp edges at the viewing window

13. Elite Gourmet EMG-980B

This is the ideal model for those who need a portable electric grill. This electric grill can be placed on any countertop. The heating element has five settings and can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees.

The base is made of porcelain-enameled cast iron, which is very cool to the touch.

The circular cooking area of this grill ensures uniform heat. This small electric model is easy to use. The included glass dome lid can be used to protect your food when grilling.


  • Total Grill Cooking Area N/A
  • Total BTUs N/A
  • Primary Grid Burner Number 1
  • Dimensions: 17.2x17x4.1 inches
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Power Source: Electric


  • Glass dome lid included
  • Circular grill plate
  • Porcelain base with cool touch
  • Large drip tray


  • The lid doesn’t seal quite as well

14. CUSIMAX Smokeless Electric Grill

This grill is a 2-in-1 grill, which can be used as both a griddle or a grill. The fan exhaust system will help you clear the smoke from your food while it cooks.

This electric griddle/grill combo has received numerous positive reviews. This can be used to cook steaks or pancakes.

The griddle and grill plates have a nonstick Teflon coating that makes them easy to place in the dishwasher. The LED display makes it easy for you to adjust the temperature on the move.


  • Total Grill Cooking Area N/A
  • Total BTUs N/A
  • Primary Grid Burner Number 1
  • Dimensions: 19.69 x 11.81x 5.12 inches
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Power Source: Electric


  • Included is a griddle plate
  • Exhaust system built-in
  • Heating tubes in double U-shaped
  • LED controls


  • Fans are louder than other people

15. Bonsenkitchen Smokeless Indoor BBQ

Uniquely, this model can also be used as a grill or raclette warmer. The 8-tray raclette is located under the cooking plate and can warm food or melt cheese for friends and family.

So that guests can efficiently serve themselves, each raclette has a cool-touch handle.

The raclette area serves as a 16-inch warming rack. This model is great for those who entertain guests often at home. It’s also convenient to know that the flat side can be easily cleaned.


  • Total Grill Cooking Area: 176 sq. inches
  • Total BTUs N/A
  • Primary Grid Burner Number 1
  • Dimensions: 24 x 10.5x 6.3 inches
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Power Source: Electric


  • 8 raclette trays
  • Grill and griddle in one
  • Self serve pans
  • Heating quickly


  • Wash more pieces

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Grill?

What to Consider When Choosing the Electric Grill?

1. Type

Before you decide to invest in an electric grill, you must consider the area where you can place the grill. In most cases, these types of grills are either tabletop or built-in (built on to your existing fireplace).

Smaller grills are usually better suited for indoor use since they contain less surface area or burners.

These types of grills will also determine the method by which heat is transferred to your food. A flat element grill uses a wire rod or ribbon that heats up when electricity passes through it.

This type of grill is considered more versatile since you can adjust the distance and height between the heat source and the food item you are cooking.

The gas grill is considered the best type since it produces heat through burning gas instead of electricity. However, this grill takes longer than other grills to heat up and can also be slightly more expensive.

2. Material

The material used for these grills will determine how long your grill will last and how durable it will be.

When you purchase a typical electric grill, you will want to make sure that the material is made of steel and cast iron since these materials are more durable than other materials.

The finish of your grill can also determine the longevity of your purchase. Stainless steel and porcelain-coated grills are both popular options since they are easier to clean and maintain.

However, you may be more inclined to purchase a stainless steel grill if it will be used in an indoor setting because these grills are water-resistant.

3. Size and Power

The size of your grill will determine how much food you can cook at one time. You will also want to take into consideration the power of your grill. This information is generally provided in kilowatts (kW).

Smaller grills typically produce between 2 and 5 kW, while larger grills can produce 20 kW. The more power your grill has, the quicker it will be able to heat and the higher heat setting it will have.

This means that you will be able to cook your food faster and with more precision.

4. Heat Output and Control

When deciding on which type of electric grill to purchase, you will want to make sure that your grill features a temperature control coil as well as an adjustable height for the top and bottom heating elements.

Without these features, your grill can become inconsistent and potentially unusable.

5. Portability

Portability is a significant factor when it comes to choosing the best electric grill for you. In most cases, the lighter your grill is, the easier it will be for you to move from place to place and set up wherever you need.

If you are looking to use this grill in one location, your best option would be an electric tabletop or built-in grill.

However, if you are planning on using your grill outside often, a portable camp stove may be the better choice for you since it can also function as a cooktop and serving tray.

How to Clean an Electric Grill?

6. Additional Features

If you are purchasing an indoor grill, it may also be necessary to consider additional features that can make your life easier.

A thermostat on the lid of your grill will allow you to monitor the temperature more efficiently and will ensure that your food does not burn or becomes undercooked due to lack of attention on your part.

A rotisserie is another feature you may want to consider if you plan to cook whole chickens or more significant cuts of meat, such as beef ribs and pork shoulder.

These types of grills can either be a separate grill option that attaches to the side of your existing electric grill or can be an attachment for a gas grill.

If you plan on using your grill for everyday cooking and entertaining, then attachments such as a side burner will come in handy.

These burners typically allow you to boil water or cook some of the extras that you are the main course.

You should also consider purchasing an electric skillet if you use your grill to heat your food. This additional accessory can be placed beside the grilling surface and will help maintain more consistent temperatures due to its design.

In general, when you are shopping for a grill, you must consider how often you plan on using it and where you plan on storing it.  You will also want to look into the features and accessories that will best suit your needs.

Once you have determined these factors, you should be able to find an electric grill that fits all of your personal preferences so that it not only gets the job done but does so with ease as well.

How to Clean an Electric Grill?

1. Do not use your electric grill as a countertop for grilling other food items

2. Clean the grease tray after every use by rinsing with water or wiping it down with a paper towel

3. Wipe the exterior and shelves of your grill when needed

4. Removable parts should be removed and washed in warm soapy water after each use

5. Wipe the heating plates with a dampened paper towel to remove any drippings and debris before cooling down.  You may also wish to apply some oil to help prevent rusting if your grill is not stainless steel or aluminum

6. you should wait for your electric grill to cool down before attempting to clean it or remove parts.  If you must clean the grill when it is hot, wear thick oven mitts to prevent burns

7. Remove any excess grease buildup by wiping your heating plates with an absorbent cloth.  You may also wish to apply a degreaser for more difficult stains

8. If you are using a stainless steel or aluminum grill, you should clean your cooking surfaces with warm soapy water and a stainless steel cleaner.  You may also wish to use an abrasive sponge to remove any stubborn stains

9. If possible, unplug your electric grill when cleaning the exterior as well as during storage

10. Spray the interior of your grill with a stainless steel cleaner and use an abrasive sponge to remove any grease and grime buildup

11. If using a dishwasher, it is best to place all removable parts in the top rack only if they can be removed without damaging them.  If not, you will need to hand wash them and then place them in the full-frame only.


How can you clean an electric barbecue?

You will need to unplug your electric grill and let the grates cool down before cleaning it. You can remove nonstick grates from your grill and wash them in the sink using soap and water.

Some electric grills have dishwasher-safe grates. However, too much grease can cause clogs in your dishwasher. Cast iron grates can be cleaned with a wire brush. After that, wash the grill with soapy water and dry thoroughly.

You’ll need to clean your weber grill every time you use it.

Are pellet grills electric?

Pellet grills use wood pellets as their primary fuel source, so they are not technically electric grills. However, pellet grills need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, as they have several components–including the control panel, auger, and fan that require electricity to run.

How do you make an electric grill smoke-flavored?

Electric grills don’t smoke your food because there is no fuel being burned. A smoker box is a great option if you want to grill better food. These containers can hold wood chips and charcoal and are placed on the grill with your food. You will get a better flavor from the smoke and fuel as your food cooks.

What are some of the things you can cook on an electric barbecue?

An electric grill can cook the same food as a charcoal or gas grill. Grills can be used to make hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks. However, depending on what grill you have, there may not be enough space for liquids to drain. So use marinades and dressings sparingly.

Which is better, electric grills or gas?

It all depends on your personal preferences. Both gas and electric grills can be used to grill food. However, each grill has its pros and cons.

Electric Grills – It controls and adjusts the temperature using a knob. You won’t have to deal with the unpredictable nature of fire. To work, it must be connected to an electrical outlet. These devices are portable and compact and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Gas Grills – An open flame with less control over the temperature. It works by burning fuel (natural gas or propane tank). These models can only be used outdoors because they are so large. It takes longer to cook and is more difficult to clean than an electric grill.

It all depends on your personal preference. Both grilling methods are great. It would help if you chose wisely. If you don’t have enough space or prefer to grill indoors, an electric grill is the best choice. Gas grills are best if you plan to cook large quantities of food outdoors.

Are electric grills worth it?

The electric grill is the best option for cooking if you want a healthier meal with less environmental impact. Electric grills don’t produce carcinogens, and they use renewable sources that are good for the environment, like solar power or wind energy. Plus, these types of fuel never run out, so it’s sustainable!

The healthiest way to cook outdoors? It might be time to get your hands on one from Williams-Sonoma today before summer ends soon!

Can aluminum foil go on an electric grill?

Aluminum foil may seem like a strange thing to use on an electric grill, but as it turns out, you can put aluminum foil onto the hot plates of your favorite grilling machine.

This is convenient because, unlike traditional commercial and home-cooked grills that have tall walls around them, these heating elements are exposed, so there’s no way for juices from the food cooking in front of you to drip down into lower areas where they will be difficult or impossible to clean up later.

As such, any drippings coming off meat cooked with this method should stay near enough at hand without making a mess anywhere else!


We hope this article has helped you learn more about what to consider when choosing an electric grill. A good way to clean your new or old electric grill is by using a damp cloth and some dish soap, wiping down the grates with a dry cloth afterward.

If you found our blog post helpful please feel free to share it on social media! Remember that all of these choices are subjective; we just want you to have as many tools at your disposal when deciding which one will be best for your needs.

We wish you luck in finding the perfect addition to your kitchen from among these top 15 best-rated electric grills reviews!

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