A 75-Year-Old Man Volunteered To Put Cats To Sleep Every Day For Six Months At A Shelter!


What a sweet idea so he Haß a sweet putting Therapy und the furbabies a nice human grandpa for snuggle ❤

Even though many people seem to dislike cats, there are always people willing to give these furry angels unending affection.

Terry, a 75-year-old man, has been attempting to volunteer at a cat shelter because he recognizes how awful life is for stray cats and feels compelled to assist. Every rescue cat quickly falls in love with Terry thanks to his charisma and excellent cat grooming skills!

He became a full-time volunteer at the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, after this visit with ease.

Terry enjoys taking naps, particularly cozy sleep with shelter cats. He always has his dependable blue cat brush with him to calm the kitties.

He has been given the nickname “Grandfather of Cats” since he is so endearing and genuinely a gem in the sanctuary and everyone at the neighborhood shelter. This makes him very happy, and he feels that many reserve supporters are motivated by his work.

Terry now is motivating many of the reserve’s followers and taking care of cats every day. He also naps and cuddles them. Terry has a deep love for cats!

Meet ‘Cat Grandpa’ and his adorable babies, they look really happy sleeping next to each other!

So very beautiful and inspiring. What a wonderful man. The world and it’s shelters need folks like him. And these cats love every minute of it.

Bless him, he must have had cats all his life. 😻🙏🙏


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