7 Breeders Of Bombay Cats

What do we have, then, well, well, well? Possibly the potential owner of a Bombay cat? You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the top breeders of Bombay cats.
The Bombay cat is a hybrid breed of cat that combines traits from several domestic cat breeds to give them a distinctive appearance. We can promise you that these cats do not contain wild blood, despite the fact that the goal was to create cats that resemble wild panthers.
The breeder, going by the name of Nikki Horner, started her innovation in 1953 when she crossed a black American Shorthair with deep-colored eyes with a Grand Champion sable Burmese female. After extensive line-breeding and outcrossing selection, Nikki created a black cat that was unlike any other. Black American Shorthairs and Sable Burmese are still permitted breed outcrosses.
The name Bombay was inspired by the black leopard, and the Bombay cat is frequently referred to as the “patent leather youngster with the new penny eyes.”
Following a quick description of the Bombay cat, let’s look at what Bombay cat breeders have to offer.

Sale of Bombay Kittens

It can be difficult to find a trustworthy breeder of the Bombay cat because they are such a rare breed. Because of this, we completed the investigation and only contacted breeders that could provide you with a beautiful, healthy cat.
We can be certain that the kitten you’ll obtain from one of these Bombay cat breeders will be well-socialized, healthy, and have a beautiful temperament.

1. Minnesota’s Amalura Burmese & Bombay Cats

In Cottage Grove, Minnesota, there is a tiny cattery called Amalura Burmese & Bombay Cats. The husband handles all the paperwork and technological aspects of running the cattery, and the wife serves and looks after their adorable feline charges.

The name of the cattery has an intriguing Basque meaning: Mother Earth. The breeder chose this name to convey the idea that cats in general are among the best that the planet has to offer.
Strengthening the Burmese and Bombay breeds and preserving their distinctive appearance and lovable personalities are among Amalura’s goals. Amalura has 4 years of experience in the breeding industry. They have added a few additional cats as their understanding of the breed and breeding has grown.

2. Kentucky’s Pandora Cats

Bombay and Burmese cats and kittens were first bred and shown by Dr. Brian and Cynthia Bailey. The breeding, displaying, and lowing of these two excellent cat breeds is their sole focus.
This tiny cattery in Northeastern Kentucky is home to some of the most beautiful cats ever. The family raises the cats there as members of the household.
This breeder enjoys cat exhibitions because they get to interact with other exhibitors and get to see the best of the competition. They receive an objective, critical evaluation of their cats from judges who frequently see Bombay and Burmese cats at shows, which helps them understand what they need to do to advance the breed.
How can a cat of pet quality be distinguished from one of show quality? While a show grade cat or kitten is the ideal representation of the breed and complies with all breed requirements, a pet quality cat or kitten may have a small problem or imperfection.

3. California’s Mocha Blast Burmese & Bombay

In 2016, the Chico, California-based Mocha Blast Burmese & Bombay cattery began working with the Bombay breed.
The cute little copper-eyed Bombay was the breeder’s first purchase from Rokstarr Bombays, and he immediately fell in love with him. Following that, she acquired two exquisite queens from the Iowa-based Carney Cats Cattery.
She soon had a helper for her breeding operation who was in charge of taking care of the cats and constructing the new cattery facilities. She completely focused on breeding after retiring from her job as a respiratory care practitioner in 2021.

You can join the waiting list if you make a deposit. Remember that there is a strong demand for kittens and that waiting lists are getting longer every day.

4. Pennsylvania’s Catvocal

In Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, Catvocal is a cattery that once more produces Burmese and Bombay kittens. Grand Champion, Regional, and Breed Winner lines are where Catvocal’s cats and kittens originate.
Kittens are offered with an altering agreement, are CFA registered, and have loving personalities.
This breeder is concerned with maintaining the black panther-like appearance of the Bombay breed, despite the fact that these dogs are kind and sweet-natured friends rather than fierce predators. They make magnificent felines that distinguish them from other cat breeds thanks to their glossy black coat, rounded head, and copper-colored eyes.
If you want a stunning kitten to romp around your home, make sure to get in touch with this breeder.

5. The West Virginia cattery in your dreams

The Dreamabout Cattery, which boasts magnificent registered Bombay cats and CFA Sable Burmese, was given to us by Shady Springs in West Virginia.

They raise their kittens on their feet and all of their cats come from champion lines. A signed sales contract, a health guarantee, and a genetic health guarantee are all included in the sale of kittens and cats. A veterinary health certificate is also provided when buying a kitten.
To learn more about the adoption procedure if you wish to adopt a kitten, look for a contract on their website.

6. Bombay & Burmese Evita, Arizona

We discovered Evita & Bombay in Phoenix, Arizona, a tiny cattery that specializes in Burmese in platinum, champagne, blue, and sable as well as Bombay in black and occasionally chocolate.
This cattery takes pleasure in having Regional Winner and Grand Champion lines and is a member of the CFA Burmese and Bombay Breed Councils as well as the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders.
The breeder’s objectives are to: develop Burmese and Bombay cats who are physically and genetically sound; produce cats that adhere to the breed standard; advertise the breeds to maintain their appeal to potential buyers, exhibitors, and breeders; and preserve the affectionate nature of the cats.
Cats are raised in the bedroom and are never imprisoned. The best food is provided, and kittens are showered with kisses, affection, snacks, and toys. You will receive a health assurance, an altering agreement, and negative FELV and FIV testing if you adopt one of these cats.
Keep in touch with the breeder if you decide to adopt an Evita Bombay kitten since they enjoy to share photos of their young animals.

7. Minnesota’s MNBurn

MNBurn is a cattery in Burnsville, Minnesota that breeds Burmese and Bombay cats. They believe these cats are excellent resources for teaching kids responsibility and care, strengthening family ties, reducing anxiety, treating mental illnesses like PTSD and bipolar disorder, relieving stress, and reducing loneliness.

MNBurn cats are raised in close quarters. All of the breeding cats and their babies receive constant love and care. Since they interact with people frequently, they have developed strong social skills and are now prepared to move into their new homes.
Vaccinated, well-cared for, and with health guarantees, MNBurn is a California cattery that is registered with the CFA and Cat Kingpin Certified. There is no denying the superior quality of the kittens, which come from powerful champion cat lineages!

Finishing up

Without a doubt, Bombays are top kitties. These felines will brighten your days because they are very affectionate and engaging. See which of the Bombay cat breeders on our list best suits you if you’re thinking about adopting or buying one for your home.
These breeders may supply you with Bombay cats that will be national champions or just a cuddly friend.
You are conscious of your responsibility as a cat owner. Regular vet visits, cleaning, grooming, and unconditional love are all required of you. You won’t have to worry about anything if you follow through on all of these.

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