6 High Fiber Dog Foods For Anal Gland Issues That Will Work Best In 2022

Anal gland issues in dogs can be unpleasant, disgusting, and challenging to manage. Your dog will not enjoy having anal gland difficulties, and some of them might even lead to dangerous illnesses like abscesses.
Your dog may be scooting because its anal glands are inflamed if you notice this. A high-fiber diet can help dogs with anal gland disorders, but consult your dog’s veterinarian to be sure the issue is indeed due to the anal glands.
Fiber gives the stool bulk, which makes it simpler for your dog to express the anal glands when it poop. You may lessen your dog’s anal gland issues by switching to a high-fiber diet. There should be a food in this list that will benefit your dog because we’ve researched the top 10 high-fiber foods to nourish your dog’s anal glands.

Review of the Top 6 High Fiber Dog Foods for Anal Gland Issues

1. Veterinary diet made by Royal Canin Dry Dog Food to Support Satiety

This Royal Canin dog food is one of the best high-fiber dog diets available if your dog frequently experiences anal gland issues.
This fiber-rich food will not only bulk up your dog’s stools for some anal gland expressing action, but will also keep your dog’s waistline in check. Anal gland disorders are occasionally linked to obesity.
The powdered cellulose in the food will make your dog feel satisfied more quickly and give him the correct kind of fiber to bulk up his stools without making them overly wet. This will result in firmer stools for your dog.
Psyllium seed husk is one of the additional sources of fiber in the diet. The husks of psyllium seeds hold onto water to create a gel, expanding the size and frequency of stools.

A product designed specifically for small breed dogs in the Satiety Support line is more suited to meet their nutritional needs.

2. Best overall: Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Canned Dog Food

For anal gland issues, Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Canned Food is the best high fiber dog food overall. Along with 15.9% protein, 9% fat, and a staggering 22.7% fiber content, this dish also contains 15.9% protein. The main protein in this meal is pork liver, and it is designed for dogs that are prone to obesity in order to maintain satiety, healthy glucose levels, weight control, and urinary health. It has anti-oxidants to boost immunity and promote fat metabolism without reducing lean muscle mass. For dogs who have trouble chewing, the pate texture is simple to ingest. You will need your veterinarian’s permission to use this food because it is a prescription-only product.

3. Digestive Support by Purina Beyond Mixers+ – Best Value

The best high fiber dog food for anal gland issues is the Purina Beyond Mixers+ Digestive Support canned food. It contains 22.7% fat, 36.4% protein, and 6.8% fiber. It contains a lot of omega fatty acids, which support the skin, coat, joints, brain, and heart as well as immunity.
Your dog’s favorite food can be combined with this food topping as an additional source of digestive help. It is free of chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, and soy. With genuine Alaskan cod as the first ingredient, the texture is soft, appetizing, and easy to consume. It’s created from fish that has been deemed sustainable. Although this dish has fish as its main ingredient, it also contains fowl.

4. Best for Puppies ACANA Wholesome Grains Puppy Recipe Gluten-Free Dry Dog Food

Additionally, fiber is crucial for puppies! For your special little dog, we suggest ACANA Wholesome Grains Puppy Recipe Gluten-Free Dray Dog Meal as a high-fiber food option. While this recipe contains 6% crude fiber per serving, the majority of puppy diets have between 3-4%. This formula’s main source of protein is chicken, and it also includes high-quality grains including sorghum, millet, and oats. These robust grains contribute the necessary fiber to your puppy’s diet to maintain a healthy digestive tract at a young age.
Although this recipe has more fiber than other puppy diets, it is not enough for older dogs who may have problems with their anal glands. Only puppies should eat this meal. Additionally, some owners of pickier puppies have discovered that they do not like this combination of ingredients as much.

5. Veterinary diet made by Royal Canin Foods with High Fiber for the Gut

Veterinary diet produced by Royal Canin 13.9% of the fiber, 23.3% of the protein, and 15.6% of the fat in digestive high fiber dry food. Prebiotics and a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre are present in this diet to improve digestive health. It has antioxidants for immunity and omega fatty acids for the health of the heart, brain, skin, and coat. When consumed as instructed, the high fiber content promotes satiety without causing weight gain. It could be challenging to keep this food fresh for little dogs because the smallest bag size it comes in is 8.8 pounds. This food costs a lot and is only available with a prescription.

6. Natural Veterinary Blue Buffalo Diet HF

Due to the use of hydrolyzed protein, which means the protein has been broken down into a form that is unlikely to create allergy problems, the Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet HF is a fantastic choice for dogs with severe food allergies. It is a fantastic choice for weight loss and maintenance because it has 13.6% fiber, 36.4% protein, and 9% fat. It’s a wonderful source of vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. It doesn’t contain any maize, wheat, or soy.
However, this prescription diet is rather expensive. Many individuals claim that it has an overpowering fishy smell that makes it unpalatable. Picky dogs might not like it very much.

Choosing the Best High Fiber Dog Food for Anal Gland Issues: A Buyer’s Guide

Ask your dog’s veterinarian for advice on the best diet to feed him or her. They will be your best resource for helping you identify the foods that might be the most suitable for your dog. The greatest place to start when looking for the ideal diet for your dog is by being aware of its medical background and any existing problems.
It’s crucial to choose a dog food that takes into account your dog’s age, weight, allergies, and medical issues in addition to the flavors and textures they enjoy. Food that promotes satiety will be a better choice for your overweight dog than food with reduced fiber and protein content. The nutritional requirements for dogs with conditions like diabetes and pancreatitis can be highly particular. You must talk to your dog’s veterinarian about the food your dog is currently eating, its needs, and potential diet options.


These evaluations have compiled the best high-fiber dog food options, but before making any dietary adjustments, consult your dog’s veterinarian, regardless of whether you choose a prescription or non-prescription food. Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Canned Food is the best choice because it is a fantastic source of fiber and was created with a number of medical issues in mind. The Purina Beyond Mixers+ Digestive Support, which can be fed as a food topper or as a core food, is the more cost-effective option. The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Fullness Support recipe is the best premium option since it gives dogs extra satiety to improve comfort and reduce begging.

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