Zoo Celebrates The Birth Of Enda.ngered Leopard Kittens


The Zoo is proud to announce the birth of three adorable Leopard kittens 🐆

Welcome to the world little ones. How beautifully adorable are these babies.

A leopard cat gave birth to three kittens in the Taipei Zoo on the 3rd of March. The zoo is situated in Taiwan. This is a rare sight as a leopard cat has given birth in cap.tiv.ity after 20 years.
The kittens are born to mother Ping Ping. The triplets are all healthy and they are now 42 days old.

Ping Ping is very sensitive about her kitten and does not leave their side.
There are two healthy males and one female. The elder one’s name is Mao Xiong. The second one is named Cat Lord and the sister is named Cat Control.

What little beauties! how adorable!

These cats tend to live in forests, deserts, and mountainous areas. Due to the lo.ss of habitat, the ratio has been decreasing. Also, they are being [hun.ted for me.at]. This has cau.sed a major dr.op.
However, these three tiny ones are a ray of hope and joy…!

So cute they just melt your heart!♥️♥️

We hope they stay healthy and grow up to be big kitties.

Kittens with their tongues out are so super adorable, their mother could be cu.rre.ntly dis.embo.wling me and I would still be like🥰🥰

Congrats to mom and the zoo!


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