Woman sets her Horses free in Ukraine to give them a fig.hting chance at surv.iving the bo.mbings


Absolutely he.artbre.aking 💔💔

What a selfless act by this woman it must have been so hard to set her horses free!💔💔❤️
This (br.eaks my heart) for her yet she did such a selfless act out of pure love for her horses. 😢🙏🏻

One woman did the only thing she could to give her beloved horses a [fig.hting] chance at [sur.viving the w.ar].
Julia Molokova, who owns a horse farm near ‘Kyiv’, made the (to.ugh decision to set) her horses free after a nearby stable was [h.it by a bo.mb]. She did her best to mark her horses and then led all five to the nearby forest and set them free…!

They all took off (running) due to nearby [bo.mbings], but one (esc.aped) and ran into town. The devoted horse owner tracked down the [frig.htened] horse and led him back to the woods to rejoin the herd.

She shared: You can [thr.ow st.ones] at me, but I have not found any other way out. Two foals: young Uve and old Hypur, two merinas: Runner and West and a thin Martini mare that we picked up before New Years Eve. Live long, my dear horses! Here’s your chance. I don’t want to wait for the second [bo.mb] to arrive and [ex.plode], like in Babushkin’s garden not far from us. I’m happy that the first shell came in, but it didn’t [bre.ak]. I really hope to see you after the [w.ar].

Julia begs people who encounter her horses to let her know they are alive and safe and to please offer them water.
You did a very great thing for your horses. You loved them and gave them a fig.hting chance…Until you see them again!❤️

Praying people will help them out with food, water and a safe place to rest when they need it and able to help you keep track of them. They are beautiful. 🌻🐴🐴

Sending you prayers of comfort knowing you did the best thing possible. Praying you will soon be reunited and safe. 🙏🙏🙏

Sending praying for her and hope she is reunited with her horses in the near future…🙏🙏🙏❤️

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