Wolf a.ban.donded by its mother grows up with human family, acts like a dog


Least it knows what kindness and love is.❤️

He is so beautiful, definitely raised with love.❤ ❤️🐕

This case is really special. This is a pet named Kira. Kira is a wolf.
Alida decided to take the wolf puppy when she was only 3 days old, then she was already without a mother. As her mother a.ban.doned her immediately after birth, and she has been fed by hand ever since.
They started living together, raising her and training her. She gave her a chance at a new life.

Since the wolves are from the wild, it was a real challenge to tame Kira.
She had to be careful with Alida with certain things and try her best every day.

After so much effort and work by Alida, Kira became like a dog. Calm and safe for the environment, it would not hurt anyone.

It is clear that Kira would not be able to cope in the wild now, she would probably [d.i.e] because she does not know how to [hu.nt].

She says she is very smart, but quite stubborn. From the beginning, Alida has been trying to socialize Kira, so Kira has seen a large number of people and children along with dogs.
It was very difficult and hard to work with Kira, but that was actually the only way she could continue to live with her in a normal environment.

BUT in the end everything turned out well. The effort is always worth it…!
She is very calm and attentive when children are around.

Alida is responsible for her new life. Kira is now living her new life together with a 7 year old boy who is immensely dear to her.

She’s beautiful❤️

Absolutely extremely gorgeous wolf but he looks like he has husky a mix breed!

It may act like a dog, but don’t forget it has a wild heart.

What an awesome face – just makes you want to hug him! ❤

What a beautiful animal thank goodness he has a lovely home and being loved by yr family!!😉❤️🐕

He’s gorgeous!

God bless you for giving such a beautiful animal a lovely life and unconditional companionship ❤️

H/t: Animaland – Image: Alida


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