Update: I’m not le.aving you, Mama…!This is What Love Looks Like…❤❤❤


Surgery went well 🙏❤

Lord thank you for not letting this precious baby lo.se their mama. 💞

For most species in the animal kingdom, the bond between mother and baby is incredibly strong.

The koalas Lizzie and Phantom are now recovering outdoors in a koala ward in the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. They are doing so much better. While the mom is resting, her baby Phantom got really curious about the new surroundings and love exploring around. We hope that Lizzy will recover soon.

After they were h.it by a car, Lizzie and her joey, Phantom were welcomed into the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Six-month-old Phantom had [es.ca.ped the ac.cid.ent un.sca.thed].
Lizzie, however, wasn’t looking so good, what with fac.ial trau.ma and a co.llap.sed lung. In order to su.rvive, she needed to go un.der the sur.geon’s kn.ife.
Baby clinging to her mom. Even better during her mom’s surgery she was able to hold onto her, comforting for both of the,❤️🙏 I think babies love helped her through 💕💕💕

But this marsupial mama wasn’t alo.ne during the [li.fe-sa.ving] procedure. Phantom accompanied her and clung to her as she received treatment. The vets let them be; Phantom was too young to be on his own, and splitting them would probably be too str.es.sful for both koalas.

Luckily for the duo, Lizzie’s prognosis is great: she is expected to make a full recovery. They will be released back into the wild once that happens.

So sweet we all love our Mom 🥰😘

This story has a happy ending, but that is not the case for all koalas. Thank you guys for saving the Mother with sur.gery and letting them stay together!!! ❤💖

This makes me want to cry for so many reasons. 🙏

Watch the touching story in video below:       

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