Update: Kittens can’t stop cuddling with the police officer who saved their lives


Pets are so loyal, and love us unconditionally 🐾🐾❤

Amazing how animals can sense the goodness in people., More often better than people can.

Two tiny kittens stuck under a car in the store’s parking lot. Concerned for the kittens’ safety, the officers near quickly went over to the car in question, and immediately heard tiny meows coming from somewhere underneath the car.

Jesse Minton, of the Arlington Police Department, told: Once they figured out exactly where the kittens were, Officer Joe Bob Adkins was able to carefully reach under the car… and gently remove the tiny, confused kittens.

As soon as they were safe, Officer Adkins took the kittens back to the police car and just held them, trying to make them feel safe and loved, and the kittens simply couldn’t get enough of him. They absolutely adored cuddling with their new friend, and curled up on his chest in the sweetest way.
The more time they spent with their new friend Officer Adkins, the more the tiny kittens fell in love with him — so it didn’t take long for him to decide to officially adopt them into his family.

Now, the two kittens are now settling wonderfully into their new home, and could not love their new dad more if they tried. He may not have been planning on taking home two new family members that day, but as soon as they cuddled up to him, he simply couldn’t resist.🐾🐾❤

Those kittens are absolutely adorable & they are giving their Hero rescuer all the cuddles possible. Enjoy your 2 new family members, love the names you chose.❤

Thank you Hero for saving the little innocent fur babies! Amen🙏 That a great guy who happens to be a police officer with a great heart, compassionate man! Thank you sir…!❤️

Those little kittens are adorable!!! 🐾💙

So happy they have a loving home with this wonderful, compassionate officer. May they have many happy years together and God bless all of them. 🙏🐈❤


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