Two bald Eagle eggs hatch on the same day in Pittsburgh🦅


Wonderful event having two little eagles hatch!

This is a very special event ! Watching the eagle chicks come into this world !!!👍

The first eaglet was born on 23 March at 4 am, while the second eaglet hatched only hours later at 10 pm.

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania announced the birth of the eagles. This bald eagle laid three eggs. Only one of the eggs remains for hatching.
The first baby weighed around 3.5 ounces.

For the first time in their nesting history, they’ve actually hatched two eggs in the same day.
It’s amazing how these sc.ary looking [rap.tors] are so gentle with their tiny, fragile chicks.
The babies are seen to be covered in soft grey fur. They will replace the fur in two weeks time. The bald eagle is not completely bald instead it has a snowy featured head and has a white tail.

These types of eagles mate for life. They have the biggest nest among birds. This is because they are located high above the trees.

They are doing great and growing fast.

Bald eagles love to hunt fish as it is their favorite meal. On the other hand, they like to steal other animals’ prey too. They eat small mammals as their food.

It’s incredible that she is a such a [ba.dass pre.dator] and yet so kind and gentle with her baby chicks!💜💜💜

It’s amazing how both the male & female care for their chicks. Humans need to take this in.
So proud of the parents who try their best to care for the babies in eggs and after they are hatched.

Two in one day amazing how nature works🌹🤟❤

H/t: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania


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