This Violet-Backed Starling Is a Flying Amethyst


The breeding males are brightly colorful whereas, the females are brown. 💜

How very beautiful are all God’s birds!
And We hope that this beautiful bird stays in large numbers so that the whole world may witness its colorful glory!

The violet-backed starling are magnificent. They appear to be carved out of amethyst. This bird’s plumage is asimple, but consists of beautiful combination that is purple, black and white.

Seeing is truly believing and this bird is an example why. People conveniently refer to it as the plum-colored starling or the amethyst starling.

The breeding male is brightly colored. It has vibrant and colorful feathers whereas, the females are brown. Males that have not matured also lack the colorful plumage of the bird.
Most animals in nature the Male is the most beautiful colored or awesome features.

It normally inhabits in the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa.

This bird is a monogamous species. This means that it chooses to stay with one companion until it passes on. In the absence of the current mate, the bird will obviously seek a new one.

The violet-backed starling flies in small flocks during the summer. It will break off into pairs just before the breeding season. The bird is rarely on the ground because it is always high up on trees and the sky.
They will nest in cavities such as tree holes, holes in river banks and even in abandoned fence posts. They sculpt their nests out of leaves, twigs and other plant material.

Amazing purple colored birds!! So love the color of this beautiful bird!!!💜

Her feathers are a beautiful brown. What a hot babe. This is how these male birds think. 😂. I’m just trying to picture it from his point of view.😍❤
This is true throughout nature.😍

What a gorgeous Amethyst colored bird would love ❤️ to have an outfit to wear this color!!!

H/t: The Hardbody Birdwatcher


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