This Elephant must be the happiest creature on the earth after she saw the beach for the first time ever!


What was elephant doing at the beach and a baby at that how did she get there 🤣

What could be cuter than this?

This cute infant elephant has saw the shoreline for the first time in his life!
John Lindie, Scottish photographer happened to be on the island of Phuket, Thailand, to catch this snapshot of pure happiness!

The adorable little baby just couldn’t help nut running and rolling in the sand.

The photos were in reality extremely accidental, Lucky and her folks live in an nature asylum near the beach and I happened to be up in one morning while Lucky was being given her shower and I was sufficiently fortunate to catch her as she got dry by rolling in the sand, and she appeared to be so glad.

Lindie siad: I was exceptionally fortunate to wind up with some amazing pictures of Lucky who appeared to be careless in regards to the approaching storm!

The Ocean wasnt it home ! Smiling to any dwell. But no where to belong ?

The beach is the best 🥰🥰

Oh boy oh boy this is just heaven 🤗 …BUT He should be with his herd end of.

Little face of pure joy. God bless Baby ❤️


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