This couple drove 33 hours to adopt a bl.ind dog that needed a family


They are awesome…!💖

The couple are great hero’s for going to get the dog.
Respect for that and she will have a wonderful loving family and home 🏡

It was mid-April when the 5-month old Bulldog puppy was surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA. He was [maln.ouri.shed, sc.ared, covered in fe.ces], had a large [abs.cess] under his chin and he was bl.ind. After some tests, they determined he had a rare [congenital de.fect] in both eyes: his irises are st.uck to the back of his corneas causing sc.arring, which means that in the future he may [develope glau.coma].

They named him Batty and gave him all the love and care that he needed. He was placed in foster care until they could find him his forever home but they knew it would be hard; blind dogs are never the first to go home.

And that’s where Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers come in. This couple has a blind dog of their own called Soto and they knew they could give Batty the home he deserves. The only problem is that they live in Wisconsin (more than 2,000 miles away) and they needed to meet Batty to see if he was a right match to Soto.

That didn’t stop them though. The three of them drove for 33 hours all the way to Sacramento and the results were even better than expected. Both dogs immediately loved each other and that meant Batty had found a home.
They are one amazing couple. This dog will reward they many times over with their love.

That’s pure kindness to give this dog a loving and caring life.

On the way back, both dogs behave great. And they woke up really early to play and chase each other around!
Batty is now called Agos. He has been home for 3 days and so far he is doing great…!

Proves this dog will now have his best life…

Bless you for your kindness and love you are bestowing on a helpless doggie . Your act is most wonderful.

Thank you so much .You are such beautiful caring people .We can see he,s gonna be so happy in your family. He,s a lucky boy to have you both.👍🙏💖💖💖


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