The Rare Magical White Owl With Red Eyes


Isn’t he stunning?

Wow! That’s amazing how God created that owl! 💗

Honestly, pretty much nothing special – the same things your average non-ghostly, non-glowing eyes see. His eyes are red, and all of his feathers are white.

In fact, this owl isn’t so much a study in sc.arlet as a lesson in [alb.inism] – one of nature’s most spectacular genetic doodles. This owl is an albino, meaning that he was born with little or no melanin, the chemical that gives color to our eyes, skin, and hair. And he is absolutely gorgeous!

This albino owl’s lack of color makes his eyes appear bright red because we can see straight through the iris to the blood vessels inside! is very rare in birds and especially so in owls for one very good reason.

This devine little owl is so precious. Best kept as a dearly loved pet. But free to run around and fly, not in a cage. In the wild he would d.i.e pretty quick.

So Amazing to have beautiful coulered eyes. 💗💗💗

Pray he has a very kind and loving home with a family who treat him as one of the family. He is such a dear little sweetheart!

Watch the precious video below:


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