The Pudu is the tiniest and cutest Deer in the world


Absolutely adorable Mom and child!💖🤗👍🌹Look how tiny and cute baby is.

She’s a precious baby and beautiful too.💕💕😻

A pudu fawn was born at the Queen’s Zoo in New York on May 12, 2015. The tiny baby came into the world weighing less than a pound and standing 6 inches tall!
Absolutely adorable 😍❤💕💖

World's Smallest Deer Species Born In NYC Zoo Weighs Only 1 Pound | Bored  Panda

The pudu is the smallest deer species in the world and is native to Argentina and Chile, where it is an species.
The little critter is still nursing, but starting to eat leaves, kale, and carrots. He will [] the white spots when he grows up, which won’t be too much. Adult pudus grow to around a foot tall.

Absolutely beautiful 😻 animals!!!

See New York's Adorable Baby Pudu | Time

Thank you God for the beauty of Creation… 

Pudu Is The World's Smallest And Most Adorable Species Of Deer |  Greenamajigger

Cuteness overload ❤🥰

Tiny Southern Pudu Fawn Born at Detroit Zoo - ZooBorns

Ao beautiful to see the Mother and the baby Pudu they are gorgeous ❤ ❤ Would just love to cuddle this sweet baby.

Adorable little baby and Mama!!❤️❤️❤️

Pudu - ZooBorns

Isn’t he adorable?


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