The millionaire who spent his entire fortune on saving stray dogs


The world needs more people like him – he’s compassionate, very humane and generous!!

He’s making all the difference in the lives of all those dogs! The world needs more people like this.

Wang Yan is a millionaire from China who has owned a shelter in Changchun for 9 years.
He founded it in 2012 when he [] his best friend, a dog…
Wang said after [] the dog that he tried to search everywhere but was nowhere successful. They finally let him into the [sl.aughterh.ouse] to see if there was any luck there.

At 29, Wang had no problem giving [millions] to save more than 2,000 strays from the [sl.aughterh.ouse].

He prays to the statue of the dog he has.

There are over 200 different types of dogs in his shelter. His love and big heart gave them a new opportunity.
He gave almost everything to save these dogs, their food and care for them.

We definitely need more people like him, he’s compassionate and generous and love for these special animals.

Hope a few more million comes his way so he can help more animals
He has so much love and these animals have so much love to give to him.

God Bless him…!🙏🙏🙏

Thank you! May this amazing man always have health, happiness , love, and may his [] be as beautiful as his compassionate heart ❤️‍🩹💜
You are hero of the year.❤️


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