The cute baby spots mom during performance and steals the show


Other horse: Diane isn’t that your kid over there? Diane: Oh Lord, not again… 😆

No “stage fright” for this little one !! Move over … let me show you how it’s done !!

When a bunch of gorgeous Clydesdales horses performing in fronts of some heavily crowded stands. But just when the performance was close to its peak, something very hilarious happened. A baby Clydesdales came out of nowhere and stole the show. Tiny foal who accidentally found himself surrounded by a cheering crowd.
Of course, that was none of his intentions, but things never turn out as planned!

The beautiful moment was caught on camera and it is pure internet gold ever since, so we can use them as our daily [dose] of good vibe.
As it turns out, these cute little things have a very special gift to steal hearts all over the place, just because they’re so innocent and pure and foolish.

Apparently, the foal was not trying to impress anyone, on contrary, he just spotted his mom among the horses, and run towards her. As you can imagine, the momma Clydesdale had no time for her little one at the moment, so the adorable foal wandered around the arena winning everyone’s heart.🥰

That is so adorable ❤❤

Just getting ready for his or her turn one day 🤣❤️

The moms like “the fk you doing bob?”!
Why’s he all hopped up on sugar at this time! Honestly! Cant get good help these days! 😂

Mom needs honors too for keeping her composure 🥰 through her babies mischievous and very adorable debut🐴💗

Watch the heart-melting moment here ❤️


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