Surrogate father: A golden retriever becomes a bunny dad


Animal friendship is one of the purest things in the world…🌏

Goldens are such beautiful caring dogs. 🐾♥️🐾

Bailey, a friendly Golden Retriever who became a temporary surrogate father for a group of baby rabbits brought into his home.
To their master’s surprise, the bunnies show no fear of Bailey and immediately acknowledge him as their father. Bailey also accepts all four, as he lets them use his fur as an exercise in the woods.

Obviously, the rabbits feel safe and at ease with Bailey’s tender presence and his father’s affection.
The little rabbits are the epitome of cuteness. There’s so much love going on that our hearts can barely take over.

Golden Retrievers are very loving and he is doing a great job with the 4 baby bunnies so cute and sweet.

They are such gentle dogs.💖

Animals have so much love and feelings for each other.This is so precious.

Animals have the kindest hearts love them so much wish all humans are like…!💖 💖 

That’s so cute, looking after the bunny’s and taking care of them, what a wonderful dog you are. ❤

They are so beautiful and loving 🥰

All dogs are born gentle and loving they become vi.cious the way people raises them love animals…

Watch the adorable moments were caught in video bellow:

H/t: This Is Bailey


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