Selfie Cat takes hilarious photos with big dog security guards


He just showed up one day and hasn’t left. 😂 He went from a stray to a celebrity overnight! 😻

Such a georgeous cat!❤️❤️❤️

A star was born when an adorable gray tabby taking [selfies] suddenly appeared.
This surprise celebrity happened to be Yorem’s newly rescued cat named Manny.
Yorem said: He just showed up one day and hasn’t left.

It didn’t take long for the gray tabby to become best friends with the couple’s other dogs and cats.

He was so friendly and lovable that he soon became the [alpha] of the pack!

Manny also started to make a regular appearances in Yorem’s Instagram photos. Yoren Ahm started his Instagram page back in 2013.

Sometimes he’s pictured by himself, but he’s mostly pictured alongside different members of his fur family. After only a few photoshoots, it became apparent to Yorem that Manny loved being in the spotlight.

Yorem described Manny as [the most intelligent, inquisitive cat we’ve ever had]. Manny learned to use the camera by chance when he reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day.

Hes georgous he takes some great selfies i bet he keeps those to in check aswell😂😹🐶

The result was a photo that looked like Manny was taking a selfie with the dogs!

When Yorem saw the photo, he couldn’t help but laugh at how funny it was.

That was when Manny earned his title as the [Selfie Cat]. He was instantly an internet sensation!

He gorgeous what a pho graphic face ❤️💝💝🥰🐈‍⬛🌹

How adorable! He has a furever home now. That is so wonderful you kept him!

This is so heart warming. Priceless 🐾

Instagram: @yoremahm


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