Sea otter cau.ght sharing a strange embrace with little shark


A very odd moment – Is astonishing!

Maybe both are trying to figure out how to eat the other one.🤣

A sea otter that apparently shares an intimate moment with a tiny shark left everyone baffled. The moment was caught on camera by wildlife photographers Don Henderson and Alice Cahill off Californian coast.

Though during their feeding sea otters dive and bring marine creature above the water to better enjoy their meals, this is the first time ever an otter is bringing a shark on the surface of the water, because – as it was known – shark are not part of these furry mammals’ menu.

That’s makes the moment even more intrigued.

While the otter’s true intentions regarding this little shark, might never be known, the pair eventually parted their ways after a few moments of cuddling!

And There is going to be a new species in or around 9 months 😉🤣

Lol…. The shark tried a sneak at.tack and the otter turned around and put him in a sleeper hold. 🤣🤣🤣

Maybe in the world of unicorns and roses! He is eating it lol…🤣🤣

Love is love❤❤❤


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