Rare White Raven Recovers at North Island Wildlife Recovery Center


Rare beauty 😍

Very very different,with a beauty of its own. It is still one of God’s amazing flying flowers 💐 🥰

This happened in British Columbia, Canada. The bird was in po.or health after it was saved. The rescue took place in late May. And then, the North Island Wildlife Recovery Center took the bird in its care.
Thankfully, the white raven is now out of [ha.rm’s wa.y]. Its health continues to improve with treatment.

It is absolutely adorable and so gorgeous!!!

White ravens are an incredibly rare bird. Furthermore, their immune systems are [compr.omised]. This means they usually do not perform well. This is especially after they are hu.rt in any way. Thus, their su.rvival chances are slim.
This makes the bird incredibly precious. It is rare along with being as delicate as a flower.
The bird is recovering quite well. The white raven is receiving vitamin supplements. This is in order to promote its health. Therefore, this will improve the bird’s health. The supplements with also improve the bird’s immune system.
This will further protect it from any [infec.tions].

What a gorgeous bird!! ❤️

So special! These birds are extremely smart.

Thanks to everyone who has played a part in this unique birds recovery! ❤️❤️

So this means winter has come? 😅🥰

Image: Pets Lady


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