Rare Rhino birth gives hope to en.dange.red species, Only 2nd birth in 128 years


How long do rhino’s live? Surely there were more than 2 births in 128 years.

The birth of a beautiful female calf, Delilah!

She was born in a monitored enclosure at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia. She is only the second of her kind to be born in [cap.tiv.ity] in 128 years.

Only 2 have been born in 128 years?
Doesn’t that mean that 128 year old brother and sister just had a baby?

Delilah is the second child born to rhino parents Andalas and Ratu. Her big brother, Andatu, was born in 2012 in the same sanctuary. With only around 100 Sumatran rhinos alive on the planet and their rapid rate of decline, Delilah’s birth is seen as a miracle by wildlife enthusiasts around the world!

Mom Ratu had trouble with birthing Andatu before. But with Delilah, the experience paid off and the 14-year-old was much more comfortable throughout the [com.plication-free] birthing process.
The newborn calf weighed 45lbs, and is now growing at a healthy rate. She is expected to weigh more than half-a-ton when she reaches maturity!

Ratu is having a great time being a mama to her sweet kids.
Motherhood has transformed her personality, and she has blossomed into a calm, thoughtful and attentive mama!

While the sanctuary staff is overjoyed to welcome Delilah, they have also grown more concerned regarding the protection of the rhinos.
Delilah is already growing up to be a playful and spunky sweetheart. With adequate protection and care, the sanctuary hopes that she will be able to carry her species forward in the years to come.

Congratulations so wonderful…! If man would leave them in peace😍

This makes we so happy. Thank You for all your love and protection.

Pray for those rhinos 🙏🙏🙏


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