Panther a.ban.doned by its mother raised by human and rottweiler


They are the best friends ever 💞🐶💞🐶

What a special bond these two have. All God’s creatures can coexist with unconditional nurturing, love, and patience.

A sweet panther found herself in a very [ situ.ation], after she got reje.cted shortly after birth. All alone in a Siberian zoo, the cute little thing has been adopted by a kind woman and her dog.

Luna has now a wonderful life, surrounded by the love of the woman that saved her life and the adorable rottweiler who’s her very best friend.

Victoria, who previously raised other and cared for other wild cats, grew fond of Luna and decided to help her. So she kept visiting the zoo, every day to hand feed and care for the lovely panther, until she was strong enough and healthy.
After spending so much time with Luna, the 31-year-old woman couldn’t just gave up on her, so she decided to make her part of the family. Victoria bought the panther from the zoo, and took her home.
Very Beautiful Together

Victoria was already sharing her home with Venza – a lovely dog, she feared that Luna and Venza won’t get along too well.
But she was so wrong, as the two seemed like inseparable souls since they first met. They are now great friends and they love to play and to explore things together, all day long. Luna is now 10-month-old and she weighs over 45 pounds, and she’s definitely a very spoiled kitten.

How awesome. Bless them at least they are loved and cared for. 💜💙💚💛❤🙏

They are a beautiful family ♥️🐶😸♥️

Animals are so awesome – they get along very well!! So nice!! 🙏🏻♥️🐕😽

Thank you Victoria for giving these pets a forever home 👌🙏🐾🦴🐈‍⬛

Check out the video below for more on this inspiring story of the companionship…

Source: Tiktok: Luna_the_pantera


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