Orangutan offers his hand to help man get out of sn.ake inf.e.sted waters

A photographer was able to capture this beautiful moment 😍🙏

Animals are angels…

Animals have proved that they, like humans, are capable of experiencing emotional connections, providing empathetic responses, and engaging in selfless acts.

When a conservancy guard was clearing away ven.omous sn.ak.es from a muddy, above-the-waist-deep body of water for Prabjabkar and his pals, the group all got the luxury of witnessing a random ape trying to help the guard get out of the da.nge.rous waters by offering his hand. That’s when the photographer took the photo of a lifetime!

BUT Maybe the photographer should have put the camera down and helped the man out of snake in.fes.ted waters…

Compassion and concern are written in the lines of the face of this kind ape. Although there is no certainty in life; this moment as captured depicts one of the primal instincts we share with many creatures.

Prabhakar, too, was touched by the beautiful occurrence and is glad he had the opportunity to snap it before it slipped away.
He said: I just grabbed that moment. It was really emotional.

Looks like animals are prepared to help humans or come to humans for help but what makes me angry is some humans want to h.u.rt animals or k.i.ll them for gain.

Animals have more love for others than humans. This is a learning experience for all.

Love those beautiful Orangutans they are so calming to observe…❤️❤️❤️

Love it. God bless all the animals of the world and i pray they are kept safe.🙏🙏❤️

Watch the great video below:


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