Mass. House takes up b.ill to let EMTs treat police dogs


If the in.jur.ed person is responsible for the in.jur.ed K9, the K9 should have priority!

ESPECIALLY in the case of a [li.fe-thre.atening in.ju.ry].

First responders would be allowed to treat and transport police dogs to veterinary hospitals under a bill that was unanimously approved by the Massachusetts Senate this week.

Nero’s bill was named for the K9 partner of Yarmouth Police Sgt. Sean Gannon.

Gannon was fa.ta.lly s.h.ot in 2018 while serving an warrant. Nero was also s.h.ot, but because of current state law, EMTs weren’t allowed to treat or transport him.

Nero had to be rushed to the animal hospital in the back of a police cruiser and [su.rvi.ved the shoo.ting].

Said Democratic state Sen, Mark Montigny, lead sponsor of the bill: These animals [en.dure ext.reme da.nger from g.un vio.lence], [na.rco.tics], and even [ex.plosive mat.erials].
Allowing our emergency personnel to provide basic treatment and transport is a commonsense measure that honors their contributions across the commonwealth.

The bill would permit emergency personnel to treat in.jur.ed police dogs and bring them to veterinary facilities, as long as there are no in.jur.ed people still requiring a hospital transport.

The bill now heads to the Massachusetts House for consideration.

A police canine should be part of the triage assessment when an [in.cident oc.curs]. EMT’s need to be expected to care for them.

They are a highly trained police dogs who protect our communities, they deserve the same level of medical care and respect as their counter parts!!

EMT’S will need more training to know how best to treat an in.jur.ed K9 officer.

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