Ho.me.less Man Always Feed St.ray Cats Before Himself Every Day!


Why is this man ho.me.less? Can no one help him?

He’s a kind soul who deserves to be loved.💕💕

Despite living a to.ugh life at train station, this ho.mel.ess man Loong Dum from Thailand always makes sure that his friends, st.ray cats are cared for and well fed. He may not have any children, but he knows the responsibility of care.


He se.lls limes every day on the street so that he can make mo.ney to bu.y food for his companions. Sometimes, he doesn’t have enough food for himself and he is hu.ngry, but not matter what, his first priority is always to feed his beloved cats. To him, they are his family, and they rely on him.

He said: I’m fine with skipping meals, but the cat needs to eat.

Animal lovers admire his kindness and offer to help him when his story made round on so.cial media.
Some of them came to bu.y limes from him while others gave him cat food and supplies.

Amazing man with an enormous heart! 💕💕💕

Some people even took him to get haircut and gave him brand-new clothes.
After that, he went back to the street to se.ll limes because his life meaningless without his beloved cats.

Loong Dum has inspired many people around the world to show love, compassion, and a helping hand to those in ne.ed – be it humans or str.ay animals.

Met many homeless people with very very big hearts and so kind.🤗The people who don’t have much are often the kindness. What a wonderful man.💕
The world needs more people like this caring and loving ❤️

Thank you so much for being a caring human being to st.ray animals 🙏

God bless you, and the kitties you help 🙏 🙏 💖


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