Lynx family returns to Alaska photographer’s deck


He wakes up surprised to find Lynx family playing on his deck!😍

So beautiful and so touching…❤️❤️

Tim Newton of Alaska awoke to commotion taking place on his deck. He scrambled out of bed and peeked out the window. He was surprised by what he saw, a lynx kitten sitting there watching his kitten siblings run around, playing.

He was immediately enthralled by the rare sighting. He quickly grabbed his camera and starting taking pictures of the lynx.

Lynx are the only cats native to Alaska. Full grown, they are two to three feet long and weigh fifteen to thirty pounds. They are naturally shy and live in the forest so it is pretty uncommon to have them hanging out on a deck close to humans.

After, the momma cat led her litter of adorable kittens back into the forest.
How precious to have watched them for so long.❤️

Fun to watch from a safe spot and distance.😃❤️

Absolutely beautiful. He’s so luck to have the area to enjoy wildlife at it best.😍

So cute with their giant paws.

What an absolutely awesome thing to wake up to!! 🐾❤🐾❤🐾

They are so cute! ❤️

H/t: Tim Newton Photography


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