Jingang Horse pretends to be de.ad whenever someone try to ride him.


When you a Horse but a drama queen too 💚

Have you ever come across a horse that pretended to be de.ad whenever it feels like not letting anyone ride him?

Jingang is very much different from other horses that you would normally hear about. He is not very much keen about being riding over by humans. He has his way of life and whenever someone tries to ride him, he pretends to be de.ad in quite an over-dramatic way which surely prevents humans from riding him.

Horses do have the ability to run within several hours after being born and no need to say that this is quite special. You might even have seen them ‘laughing’ which means that they are doing a nose-enhancing technique which helps them to understand whether the smell is good or bad.
Scroll down to see how Jingang is acting…

They usually do this when [ti.red or sca.red], not premeditated. Now a pasture pet 😁

Maybe don’t ride a horse that apparently hat.es it this much 🙃

A drama queen horse. She would act like her frint leg was bro.ke. Hilarious. As soon as you quit working her, she would trot off! No problem! 🤣🤣

There may actually be a reason why this horse 🐴 is doing this, ba.d back/legs or weight on him too much?

Clever horse. Would you let people ride on your back if you didnt feel like it.

I’ve played de.ad when someone’s tried to ride me too

Image: Frasisco Zalasar


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