Home.less man sees stray Dog h.i.t by car and jumps into action to save him


What a hero…! Prayers for you both. ❤🙏🙏

Thanks to the homeless man for taking Howard to the vet. ❤️

One day, a homeless man happened to witness an unfortunate [ac.cid.ent] involving a young dog and a car. But he luckily su.rvi.ved.
The dog couldn’t move both its hind legs, so the man scooped him up and carried him all the way to the nearest vet.

The vet asked the local animal shelter for their assistance.
Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) received a call from the vet asking if they could take care of the [in.ju.red] pit bull that they named Howard. ARF kindly accepted the request and took care of him. They began examining its in.ju.ries…
He has a back [in.ju.ry] and a [br.ok.en] leg and will require a lengthy hospital stay.

Howard was sweet and calm too, so there would probably be no problems in finding the perfect home for him after his treatment.
Sa.dly, Howard couldn’t move his hind legs anymore.

More than a year had passed since he was taken by the homeless man to the vet, but Howard’s hind legs never recovered.

He was then transferred to 3 Dogs Rescue, one of ARF’s northern partners.
They attached a new wheelchair in which he uses to scuttle around the yard. Although he couldn’t run like other dogs, he was happy enough to be given this second chance in life. He was taken care of by a foster family.

With everybody’s kind efforts, Howard was finally adopted.
This cheerful dog had endured enough, but thanks to all the help he received from wonderful people, he finally got the life that he deserved.

TODAY is a little extra special for Howard. TODAY Howard was adopted by his extraordinary foster family! Only the best days are ahead for this boy!

Thank you to the homeless person who took this precious [in.ju.red] dog from the side of the road – We pray you find a home ,To the driver who hit him and didn’t stop to help him – Karma – one day you will answer for that [cr.uelty]-
To the people who cared for him, and took care of him with his [in.ju.ries] and inability to walk, fitting him with wheels for his back legs you are amazingly wonderful people-thank you-

And to the forever foster parents who gave this precious fur baby his forever home bless you – your love for this sweet dog will be returned totally unconditionally – you are wonderful , bless you and thank you❤️❤️❤️


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