Hea.rtbr.oken dog waits by the door until her dad gets back from the hospital


That is true love and I am glad that her grand parents came back to her ❤️

Their love is real and unconditional ❤️

Leia and like all German shepherds, her family is the most important thing in her life. She shows her love by watching over her people, always by their side. So when her grandpa had to stay overnight in the hospital, she kept waiting by the door for him to come home in the most [hea.rtbre.aking] way.

It all started earlier this year when Leia was sent to her grandparents house by her fur mom, Katie Snyder, for a vacation.
BUT Leia evening was had a [hea.lth iss.ue] that caused him to go to the hospital. Due to [co.vid], her mom couldn’t stay with him so she later returned home without him.

Leia greeted her grandma but soon realized something was wr.ong. Where was her grandpa? And the pup became up.set and sat in front of the door with her head hanging low.
Until that moment, no one realized just how attached to her grandpa Leia had become. Snyder decided since the pup loved her dad so much, she would let her stay with him forever.

Snyder said: Happily, Snyder’s dad was okay and returned home the next day to an overjoyed Leia. He is her human now.

It for the people to see how much feeling they have the animals, and some people how but they tried them .God bless us all. 😘❤🙏

Our animals are our angels.🐾💖

Bless her heart – Prayer’s they get reunited very soon💖🙏🐾
God bless all of them 🙏🙏🙏


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