Guy takes his Wolf Dog on epic adventures instead of loc.king it away


Loki is not your typical dog… 😍❤️

Hes adorable beautiful brilliant he isn’t ca.ged up.. devoted friend thats wonderful stay safe out there ❤ 💙

Loki is an Arctic “wolf-husky-malamute” mix and goes on the most incredible adventures with his human Kelly Lund.

Kelly is an outdoor adventure professional and believes that dogs aren’t meant to be kept in a backyard, but instead should be out in the world.
He is hoping to inspire people to get out, explore our world and make memories with their pups.

They exploring the world and having lots of outdoor fun together!

He’s beautiful and very loving.❤️

Gorgeous 💙💚💙dog mate

Obviously loves to join in all the adventures

What a perfect life this dog lives. Look at this happy face. ❤

Looks like a Malamute. Which can be quite large and strong.

Wolfe’s also Can be domesticated to a point as a Pet, although better not to. They are very loyal animals.

He wishes to identify as a lap dog 😆🐕

H/t: Kingdomstv


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