Dog gets truly emotional as she is reunited with her owner after being ‘’ in Ukraine


Wonderful news – So happy for this lovely dog and her wonderful owner!❤️

They are both reunited beautiful to see made me tearful that she was safe and back with her loved one’s ❤️👏👏

Nessy had been [separ.ated] from her family in Bucha a few weeks ago. Miraculously, it had been meant to be when Nessy was found by [Belarusian so.ldiers] volunteering as members of the [Kastus Kalilnouskiv Ba.ttalion].

The so.ldiers helped to find Nessy’s owner and arranged for the heartwarming reunion. The video of the two reuniting and Nessy’s emotional outb.urst when she spotted her human.

A beautiful story how our fur babies love us & we love them !! It is very sa.d what is going on & how families & animals are mi.s.sing one an other…!
So Thankful that you are both back together again.

God bless and protect both. And the Ukrainian people and animals are in our hearts and prayers 💖💖💖🐾🐾🐾

Pray he protects you and keeps you safe ❤️🙏

Look at this emotional moment in video bellow:

How sweet!! She was so happy!! Bless her heart!!💖💖🐾

H/t: theworldofdog


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