Cat Saved Just Hours Before De.ath Row Won’t Stop Thanking His Rescuer


That is so wonderful ❤️💜

The way he thanked his rescuer is just too cute.

Life at animal shelters is not fun and games and sometimes if an animal spends too much time without being adopted, he might be put [do.wn].
This adorable cat named Henry had only hours left on de.ath row, until an amazing foster carer from Cat Rescue Newcastle named Adelle rescued him!

Cat Rescue Newcastle said: One of our dedicated foster carers (Adelle) rescued this gorgeous boy today from the pound, He had a matter of hours before his time was up but we swooped in and did what we do best; saved a life.
Henry was so grateful, he couldn’t stop cuddling and kissing his rescuer. Adelle even managed to find a forever home for him and Henry couldn’t be happier.

Thank You so much for saving this precious sweetie and loving him so much.🙏
God Bless you for giving a family, love and cares to these loves. Have a long and happy life together. Animals are the grateful beings of the world…
They understand and sense what is going on.

Happy for them❤️

We do not do this to humans, why animals….???? What did they do besides love us unconditionally…????

Watch the heart-melting moment here❤️


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