Bl.ind Labrador That Went Mis.sing For Eight Days Found By Neighbor Who Thought She Was A Garbage Bag By The River


How did she go mis.sing? And her owner gave up hope too fast…😞

How could you give up on her. Glad she has someone to love her🐾🐾💞

The story begins with 12-year-old Sage, a Labrador retriever mix who lives with her family in Boulder Creek, California. After playing in the backyard with her family, she went mi.ssing in 2017. This could have been a simple story of search and recovery if Sage were a simple dog. However, Sage is bl.ind in both eyes. Though her other senses are heightened as an adaptation to being bl.ind, she still depends greatly on her family’s care.

Someone in the family realized that Sage was not with them.
Immediately, the family set to work trying to find Sage. The family was growing worried. After all, Sage was 12 years old and her health, aside from the bl.indn.ess, was not in optimal condition.
The family began handing out flyers and hanging signs in their neighborhood. They also took to social media posting pictures of Sage in hopes of reaching as many people as possible. They were hopeful someone, somewhere knew where Sage was.

It was about eight days after Sage went mis.sing that one of the family’s neighbors went on a hike in the nearby woods. Dan Estrada had taken his own dogs, Koelsh and Barnabas. As he was playing around with his two dogs, Dan spotted a huddled mass at the bottom of a steep hill next to a stream. It appeared to be a large bag of garbage. Still, Dan decided to climb down and inspect it.

As Dan approached the mass, it was lying very still. Once he was closer to it, he could tell that it was not a mass of garbage at all, but Sage! She had been found after eight days alone in the wilderness.

Dan explains: Sage sensed Dan’s presence and the presence of her canine pals, Koelsh and Barnabas. It seemed to get her spirits up as she began to slowly wag her tail and her ears perked up She raised her head off the ground and Dan hugged and petted her.

At this point…, can you just imagine how relieved she must have felt?

She was extremely weak after over a week without any food and little water. She could barely move and when she did, her movements were extremely slow.

Dan decided he would do what he had to do. He lifted Sage onto his shoulders and carried her out of the woods and back home.

The average-sized Labrador weighs up to 80 pounds, you can see that this was a feat in itself!

The family was incredibly grateful that Dan had found Sage. They willingly offered him the [$1,0.0.0] reward, but Dan refused it and suggested they donate it to some sort of animal rescue organization.

Thank god this man found her. She must have been so sc.ared all alone in the woods po.or thing. Pray she will be alright amen 🙏
God Bless you.❤️❤️

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