Bl.ind and a.ban.donned Dog becomes foster dad to orphaned Pups before Christmas


A bl.ind rescue dog has become an impromptu foster dad to a pair of orphaned puppies, 12 months after he himself was a.ban.doned.

There is no love like an animals love.💕
They give him a purpose, Love & “his Family”!

Oliver the Rottweiler was just three months old when he was found wandering around London’s Hyde Park. It is believed he was [cr.uelly] dumped by his owners at the time because he was [bl.ind], which would have made it harder for a breeder to sell him on.
Following a [] start to life, Oliver found a new home in time for last Christmas with a family in south-east London.

A year later, Oliver has grown into a gentle giant who has made an excellent foster dad to two a.ban.doned puppies. The mongrel puppies, called Peter and Chris, were [reje.cted] by their mom at birth.

But they have found a wonderful foster parent in Oliver and both are thriving.
Not only is he completely bl.ind, but he also is a very impressive seven stone (50kg) in size; more than ten times the size of his foster puppies.

He really goes to show that looks can be [dec.ei.ving] as he’s been so gentle with Peter and Chris, teaching them how to play and curling up with them for regular nap times, …

He’s a sweetheart❤️🖤

How wonderful this is, he has a great purpose and the pups are so lucky.💖🙏💖

Amazing hope that they all get forever homes – Sending prayers that someone will give them a loving forever home.🙏💕❤️

H/t: Top retriever


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