After expensive trip to vet man learns his limping dog was only copying him out of sympathy


That’s why we love dogs so so muuch 🥰

What a wonderful compassionate dog.

Russell Jones from London, England was forced to use crutches after he suffered an [an.kle in.ju.ry]. But when the man took his 8-year-old lurcher named Billy for a walk, noticed something strange. The dog started to limp all of a sudden. Worried, Jones rushed him to the vet to find out what happened to his dog.

The concerned owner spent around [£.300 ($.400)] on scans and X-rays for Billy, but only to learn his dog was actually imitating him out of sympathy. And every time, they went for a walk together, the gentle Billy was limping just as his human friend.

An incredible display of affection and sympathy, what initially was a reason to worry for the man, proved to be nothing but an act of solidarity from the pooch.
Dogs really are the best!

Dogs are so smart!❤️🐾

Animals are awesome and our best friends!

Your dog just wanted to say in his own words that You are not alone hooman.. im with you through thick and thin 😁

This story shows you how much the dog loves its owner, amazing…!

Watch the video below:      


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