Adorable rare animal known as the ma.gic rabbit spotted for the first time in 20 years


One of the cutest animals on Earth…!

Amazing what happens when humans are loc.ked down by a [pan.demic] for awhile. Animals make a small comeback.

First discovered in 1983, this extremely cute, elusive mountain-dwelling creature is one of the most endangered animals on Earth. This maybe the most adorable mammal on the planet

Native to some very remote regions in the North West of China, the [ma.gic rabbit], was first discovered by the conservationist Li Weidong.
This tiny species could be [ext.inct] any time. They don’t exist in the [si.tes] where they used to be anymore.

The adorable creatures used to be found up to 13,450 feet in the Tianshian mountains.

What an amazing little face very very cute.

A very sweet precious tiny mammal let it not [].

That face. It’s our responsibility as humans to care for all animals on this planet, not to [] or use them for our own gain.

This bunny is worth saving and protecting.

Keep safe little fellow…!


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