A rescue dog saved the life of the mis.sing family dog for already 40 hours stu.ck in the thick mud


Great work Rescue Dog…! Animals are awesome!!! ❤ 🙂

So thankful for these wonderful helpful pets!❤

A dog was [lo.st] and all the family was looking for the mis.sing dog. The name’s Puppy. The dog was [lo.st] for nearly 40 hours.
The family had also another dog named Tino. Thanks to this dog the mis.sing puppy was found.

It turned out that the Puppy was [stu.ck] in the mud when he was found by Tino. The rescuers used ropes to get the puppy out of thick mud.
As the mud was cold the dogs legs did not work properly.

After some time, the dog will be complete cured. He will have a good health state and enjoy his life to the fullest.
He overcame much stress and many obstacles. He is a real fighter and sur.viver.

A real blessing that he is safe.
Who says they’re just a dog. They are intelligent members of the family and they have feelings.

Thank goodness for Tino the hero and the people that got puppy out hope that baby is doing better now…!

God bless these wonderful pups . Dogs have such great caring emotions!🐕🙏


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