A man was surprised to find out that the cat was visiting his owner’s gr.avestone constantly for a year!


Faithful cat! 😍

Animals need comfort too, they got feelings. They can fall for you as much as you fall for them.❤️
Dogs are loyal.but cats are awesome they seem to be more intune with their owners…!😘

When passing by the [gr.aveyard], Keli Keninhau, an occupant of the Indonesian island of Java, noticed a strange sight. He saw a feline that was sitting close to one of the headstones.
So Keli [de.cided] to leave food and water for her.

The days after, the circumstance rehashed the same thing, Keli again saw the feline at a similar tom.bstone, and the feline didn’t contact the food or water.
No matter what Keli did, she stubbornly returned to the cemetery every day.

And then, Keli became inspired by the odd way of beh.aving of the creature and chose to follow the feline longer.
He figured out how to figure out that her proprietor had as of late [kic.ked the bu.cket] and was [co.vered in this bu.rial] ground, and the feline has been visiting him consistently from that point forward.
How adorable they give us so much love❤️

For a year now, every single day, despite the weather, the cat comes to the [cem.etery to the gr.ave] of its owner. Apparently, their connection with the owner was so strong that it has remained inseparable to this day.
Keli did not stop caring for this cat and every day brings her food and drink, and never ceases to be surprised at this strong love between animal and human.

Such a strong bond! I hope he finds a loving home soon…!

That po.or baby but they are loyal to their owner To lay on that grave that long is awesome!❤️❤️❤️
Thank you to this wonderful person for caring for her ♥️♥️

God bless this cat pray for a person to help him get a wonderful new mom and dad to love her or him. ❤️🙏🙏🙏

Bless it even animals have a hard time letting go of there love 💘so sweet and kind this cat is a loving cat….❤️❤️❤️🙏


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